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Senator John Kerry, the snowboarder, at Sun Valley

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Nice photo and story at: http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmp...efa10203182031 , Thursday, Mar 18, 3:33 PM ET

Tom / PM

PS#1 - Anybody seriously believe that the guy in back coming down the hill in the A-frame stance is just an ordinary guest?

PS#2 - The photo of Kerry on his board would have looked great displayed directly here (ie, in an Epic Ski thread), and originally, I was going to do it this way, but after all the stink about copyrights last summer, I wussed out and simply posted the link like we're supposed to do. :
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"I never fall. That son of a #%^^ cut me off."
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I saw a video clip of John Kerry skiing on the nightly news just now and he is doing rather well, an upper intermediate at least.

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I actually saw John Kerry skiing a couple years ago at Wachusett Mountain, I didn't pay much attention though...he wasn't running for President then.
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I saw video footage on CNN on March 20th of John Kerry doing some recent lift served snowboarding. He looked pretty graceful. They also had footage of him schlepping by snowshoe up a mountain (in Idaho presumably) with some friends/secret service. He had a snowboard on his back and was going to descend via backcountry after the climb - pretty impressive for a busy 60 yr old. His wealthy wife, Heinz, has had a place in Ketchum for years. Between his New England upbringing and the Sun Valley connection he's had a lot of snow sports experience and is apparently reasonably competent at both boarding and skiing.
Here's a link to a ski photo; with photo already posted by PM this proves the guy is a switch hitter. Is there an accepted term in winter sports lingo for someone who can ski and board?
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Saw him snowboarding on the news, and he looked pretty good actually! I imagine GWB specialises in the Texas Tuck.
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The only time GWB was ever surrounded by snow it was all going right up his nose.
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Being a politicion, I guess I should expect this kind of sitting-on-the-fence behavior. Obviously, we wouldn't want to offend the snowboarding population by appearing to favor skiing, ever mind the fact that they're all a bunch of anarcharists anyway (except for the ones at epic. Obviously if you're smart enough to come here, you're cool.) As for Kerry's aparent skill, I wonder who graciously donated their time to teach him? And please, don't bash me for bashing democrats, I bash presidential canidates in general. I have problems with all of them. It's one of the hardest jobs in the world, the pay's pretty crappy for the work level, and they want you to believe that they're lining up to do it because "they want to serve the people." I don't buy that and I never will. Ok, I have now officially jumped into a vat of gasoline. Who's gonna throw the first match?
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Just like Kerry to ski on a product made in China.

No helmet? He'll be up for the Gerry Ford award.
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A helmet wouldn't make for such a great photo-op.
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Got to admit I'm impressed with Kerry's skills on snow. Don't believe George W. goes near the stuff. But in George's defense, he's probably the fastest and fittest running/jogging president we've ever had, by far. Here's something fun on George W and skiing:
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I saw Senator Kerry in Sun Valley last week. He's not bad on a snowboard and was quite approachable at the base. The secret service was unobtrusive but visible. The only negative I heard was that he cut off a few people on the mountain (snowboarders are always accused of that) and of course he was cutting lift lines (big deal).

Of course Sun Valley is an older, conservative resort so he wasn't in his political element.

He did talk to a lot of people and was not afraid to mingle with the rest of us.
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At least he wasn't sitting in a circle on his butt with a bunch of other snowboarders at trail merges. I can say that - right? This is a ski forum after all.

(Actually, the snowboarders higher up the mountain are fine folks. It's the ones sitting and talking that get me. If i'm gonna pay for a lift ticket I'm gonna ski not sit on my behind and talk.) (ok, even the ones higher up still chop the tops of moguls.)
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I agree. Snowboarders always seem to sit and chat on the trails. The lifts are for chatting, the trails are for skiing!
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The trails are for spraying the people who are sitting!
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