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Dalbello or Nordica?

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hello guys
I'm going to buy boots tomorrow , i think of Dalbello Refxlex 9 and Nordica Speedmachine 8

Ski level 7 , not very fast skier but fast

I'm going to put these boots together with Atomic SX :9 Puls ti 06-07 .

what would you suggest guys ?

would be nice to hear some advices
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Whichever one fits YOUR foot is the better boot.
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Buy the ones that fit best, preferably through a good bootfitter. No matter what you do have a good bootfitter do some meassuring and if needed (almsot a certainty) some bootfitting.

Unfortunately I don't always heed my own advice. I wanted to try the Fischer Soma concept so I bought some sight unseen, and I expect to spend some money getting them to fit right, but perhaps that is a different issue. I do have some good bootfitters on tap. I think I am going to try cantman this time. Each time I work with agood bootfitter I learn something new. I wll certainly add feedback as the project progresses.
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what is bootfitter?
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A bootfitter is someone who measures very carefully many details about how you interact with the boots, including fore and aft balance, lateral baalance, differing leg length, and many other things, as well as the actual fit of the bottom of the boot as it contacts your foot, including pushing out tight spots, and creating a footbed which lets you bear more of your weight over the whole of your foot. It is a complex process, and takes years of experience to master.
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ow , i dont think that i could find such a guy here
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I am sure that racers everywhere use bootfitters, adn would not be surprised if instructors everywhere did too. Ask a local racer for some guidance.
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erm , do we have racers here? ))

any quick advices?
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Where are you?
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Eastern Europe , Georgia :P

We really do not have racers in here
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I think you need to post in the more geenral forums, like racing and general ski discussion, asking about who might be near you. This thread is not likely to answer the question of who is near you in Georgia. You might also ask who might be near where you take ski vacations, such as the Alps, or Slovenia.
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ow no , i dont go to Alps , we've excellent mountains here


thanks for help thought
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Welcome to EpicSki!

We always love having new members.

There is a site that is based in the UK that may have more info on European options.

We have a few members here who post there frequently also.

to name just a few.
Hope you find what you want on both sites.
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