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I have the sony A1, which is an incrediable camera, super easy to use and of the highest quality. If that is quite expensive, my opinion is too definitely keen in the sony range!

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I've had the VIO POV helmet cam for a couple of seasons now, still working on getting an ideal mounting point for both skiing and sports car fun. If you're curious, go to YouTube and look for user "eyestrainfilms". The video may not be the greatest; but the camera is small, the recorder easily fits in a jacket pocket (or on your chest in a radio harness), battery life is pretty good (I use rechargeable AAs), and you can now stuff an 8G SDHC card in there which is supposed to be good for about 6 hours of recording.


I'm also now in the market for a non-helmet camera to supplement that. I've got an Olympus 850SW which is water/shock/freeze resistant and nice for stills (the panorama mode is cool), but video is limited to 10 seconds. There's almost nothing in the way of consumer-grade waterproof camcorders, Panasonic is coming out with some and Sanyo has the VPC-WH1. The Sanyo looks OK on paper, but I have yet to see one in a store. Does anybody have hands-on experience with that?


- Carl

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 agreed irafar! I have one pre-ordered on amazon. Can't wait, its made by this company called vholdr. And im pretty sure it's semi-waterproof, so my clumsy ass can't break it! You can't beat that picture either. 

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I never did upgrade to HD for a helmet cam. I still use a mini dv and found the quality to be pretty good when using a firewire cable to do the transfer. here's a video I did going through a NASTAR course,





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I think I will take the Contour HD as soon as I get spare 300$...If nothing better comes out / gets cheaper...

It's uncomfortable and dangerous to hold  camera in your hand... Must avoid falling...

Now only helmet camera... It's designed for sports :)

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