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"Some people can never learn to ski powder snow without exerting tremendous effort and strength because they allow their rational, left-brain hemisphere to control the entire situation." (Delores LaChapelle)

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Hey, always glad to bring powder to mind.

I like Sir Alfred Lunn's note about how the good skiers can find good snow a few feet from where less good skiers are struggling in some heinous substance. On the last day of our heli trip last spring, not many skiers went out. It had warmed up considerably and conditions were sketchy. Conditions were avalanche prone, in other words. Our groups shrank into two, so I was skiing with people I hadn't skied with all week.

One of these was a 30-so fellow from the Northwest, who certainly skis more warm wet snow than I do in the arctic climate of Montana (though I grew up in the Cascades). He was having a terrible time, sweating, falling, a pained expression on his face. He didn't know from the response of his skis when he was on a north facing line. I did.

I said: follow me. He did. He said. I wish I could have been following you all week.

So, it's not all technique! There's a lot of just plain savvy an instructor can teach too.

GREAT quotes, Ryan. I find myself quite curious about how you make your living, since you seem so resourceful in finding us Web treats like this. Care to share?
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My employment, which supports an avocation, provides me with occassionally considerable downtime. Re finding stuff, I find the google search engine to be a usually proficient machine when fed a specific diet of pertinent information, such as, for example, "spirit and skiing."
(All of that sounds so much better than Corporate Lackey. )
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