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Howdy Folks,

Today I had the day off, this event timed with fresh snow propelled me to spend some of my hard earned cash to venture up to Snowbird.

Yesterday was a rather strange day climate wise here in Utah. The wind started whipping in the morning. It then began to rain mud (dust picked up in the West desert). The local weather guys were forecasting 1-2 feet of snow overnight!

Alas, this did not happen... I got up this morning and checked Snowbird's website, they were claiming 11 inches!! I figured that was good enough and headed up.

At the top of Hidden Peak I was wondering where exactly these 11 inches were? I'd venture an estimation of their actual accumulation to be around 7 inches.

None the less, it was another fine Utah day! The snow was a bit crunchy under the somewhat heavy fresh. I skied numerous lines in Mineral Basin, skiers left seemed to hold the better snow. I tried the right side of the bowl a couple times, little snow on crusty bumps.

Snowbird claims to be able to remain open till the end of May. Seeing the conditions today I don't doubt that claim. In the end skier interest is usually shorter lived than snow conditions.

I plan on going up Sunday as well, pray for snow!

Bob McMann
BobMc, taken from the lift today.

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