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Skiing In Japan

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Hey guys, this my first time using EpicSki so im sorry if a placed the thread in the wrong place. Im a 19 year old skiier living on the Gold Coast In Australia (about 1500km from the closest ski resort). I got a job working in Japan over christmas for 3 months working on the ski fields in the Hakuba Area. I Just wanted some info on off piste skiing and tree skiing in Japan. It seems like everywhere i read it says that tree skiing and off piste will get you arrested in Japan. Im no pro but i do like venturing in untracked areas especially when Japan is known for great powder skiing. But whats a reputation if the minute u go out into the powder u get arrested. Ive only skiied in Australia and they are relaxed about skiing OB i mean they wont be in hurry to rescue you if OB but if you have insurence they will lol.

Any info on OB, off piste and tree skiing in Japan would be greatly appreciated.

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I wouldn't worry about it too much. Up in Hakuba you're going to find plenty of people (including assorted Aussies, Yanks, Brits & the occasional itinerant Kiwi, to say nothing of lots of locals) who can show you the good stuff.
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While skiing at Hakkoda San (on Honshu), we ignored the warnings, and skied off piste/ out of bounds pretty much all the time. No problem at all. In fact, the ski patrol and guides (you can ski off piste with a guide there) got to know who we were, and seemed to approve of our behavior. Japanese skiers don't seem to duck the ropes much, so the snow is rarely tracked out.
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Hakuba is different than Hakkoda.

Ask around, you'll be fine. But duck the wrong ropes at the wrong resort and you will lose your pass. Arrested, no.

I know guys in hakuba who routinely duck ropes, get caught, lose thier pass, buy another, repeat and tell the patrol "to get used to it... it's still cheaper than a heli, and I'm still gonna keep doing it. We all are."
Honestly. The patrol are overwhelmed by people poaching safe tree lines. And, it is cheaper than heli-skiing.
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which resort in Hakuba are you working at? I may be working there this winter too.
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Either Happo, Iwatake or Tsugaike Resort
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Happa seems nice. I might be at hakuba47/gyoru, which are smaller

Do you mind telling me how you got the job? PM me if you want.
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