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Slaloms for freesking

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Any suggestions for a suitable slalom,I am considering the SL11, 9S, Fisher WC SC and Salomon 3v, leaning towards the Salomon.
Ski mostly icy pistes little or no powder and prefer fast short turns.
On the Head world cup Ti at the moment.
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You might want to check out this thread (click here), which addresses your exact question and discusses several good current ski choices.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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If you want to know what to get, here is your answer: Get the Head's. Plain and simple, NO contest. I bought a pair of Head world cup's for slalom racing (cheap - 200$ : ) and they are the most amazing ski i have ever ridden on. I ski in the east, so its mostly hard pack and ice, and these skis are amazing. They carve and turn better than my GS skis, i actually prefer them over my GS skis. They are super-stable at high speeds and turn like you would not believe.

If you take my advice on skis or not, what you should really do is make sure you put a plate on your skis. It will allow for better edge grip, and its way worth the extra money.
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you should also consider the volkl P60 SC racing
just try demo as many models as you can...
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Get an Elan SLX with a Salomon Poweraxe Race SL plate. If you dont want that stiff/demanding of a ski get the HCX, with the same setup. The Salomon 3V and the HCX are probably the most versitile of the group. Right now there are 10 pairs of SLX's being used on my ski team. Everyone has preferred them over other companies because of their speed, edgehold, and quickness. I won't lie, also price was a factor, as Elan's are typically less for us to get ahold of than other brands. They are very hot skis though, plus the graphics are a lot nicer looking this year.
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I ski a lot of ice (Pocono Powder). I favor the Stockli SL's and have a few pair. They are much (worlds away), smoother in the ice and hold like talons.... but are possibly hard to get in Scotland.

Stay away from any cap construction that is common on the more popular skis. There ain't a WC racer on caps, and that's for a reason. Helluva listed a few that aren't caps and he's tried most of them .... who knows where he gets the time, sounds like he has friends in high places.
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If you don't want a ski that is as demanding as the Stockli SL, try the Stockli Raver XXP. I gotta thank yuki for pointing out the construction differences. You will notice that all companies are using a sandwich laminate construction with vertical side walls on their race skis... accept Atomic's GS and SL race stock skis... Atomic's new innovation curve is staying rather flat recently - so i wouldnt recommend those... and the golfball thing only works at 300mph if youre spinning like a top... or a golf ball. As it stands now, my votes are for the Elan HCX, and Stockli Raver XXP. I think that those are the only two properly constructed free ski type slaloms out there. If you are strong, and dont mind going fast all the time, go with the Stockli SL or Elan SLX. In this case the Stockli is going to outperform the Elan because the Elan is not a race stock ski, but it will probably be more demanding. The SLX is very stiff and requires constant input - no slacking off. I cannot comment on the Stockli, but from my experiences with many other SL skis the ones with vertical sidewalls and laminate construction outperform those that do not use it... but require a much higher input level.
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Thanks for the input guys, my problem is a lack of choice here and no demo facilities, Stockli is out as I don't think they have a UK outlet and is possibly to much ski for freesking on our small pistes.
HeluvarSkier mentions that the 3vs and HCX are the most versatile, as this is what I really need maybe I should look in this direction. I like the versatilty of the Heads but would like a bit more energy with my next slalom.

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Incidently has anyone tried the Rossi 9s oversize it is freely available here and is a possiblity.

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I hated the 9S Oversize. Ive skied it in its retail form with the PPS plate, and in its race stock form as the 9S WC. The retail ski felt like it was dead. The tip and the tail didnt feel like they were ever on the snow, and it seemed to have an odd flex pattern. The WC ski was a nightmare to ski on. I have never been tossed around so much by a ski in my life. It had decent edgehold but turned way too tight... yes too tight. It would load up a over turn you quite severely, and also i had a lot of difficulty keeping it on the snow. Looking at this seasons Rossi slaloms, it appears that not much ahs changed on them. They are still brutally stiff, possibly the stiffest slalom ski out there.

obtw: www.skiershop.com sells Stockli skis over the internet. The HCX and Raver XXP are going to own all other skis on the hill that are in their same category. While the salomon is versitile and easy to ski, it lacks the feel of power that you get out of a vertical sidewall laminate ski.
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Thanks for the feedback there Greg it looks like the salomon is going to be the one, Stocklis are it seems just too much ski for what I have in mind the versatility of the 3vs wil be useful as I will use them to do my BASI this year (the UKs instructors association) and will need all the help I can get.
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I talked to Nicholas at Stocki about the Raver XXP for quite awhile and he told me it was more of a cross between slalom and GS, whick is surprising considering the short turm radius, but he said it will make short or longer turns, has great edgehold and is very stable. It doesn't have the rebound of a slalom ski, it has more of a smooth transition. The SL will throw you out of one turn into the next, I guess extreme carvers want to come out of the turn smoother. it sounds like a real fun and versatile ski, just a little different than a slalom race ski.

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