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Dealing with Morton's Neuroma

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My wife has Morton's neuroma in both feet. The podiatrist has put metatarsal bumps in her ski boot footbeds as well as her everyday orthodics. The footbeds were made by a physical therapist who is a board certified orthopedic specialist and who's been trained in skier alignment and making of semi-rigid footbeds.

She can ski for about two hours before the pain gets so bad that she'd done for the day. Her boots are Nordica Beast 10W, suitable for her skiing ability, and worked well for her before Morton's arrived.

I'm thinking of having her boots punched out on both sides of the metatarsal heads more than necessary for an ordinary fit to be sure the metatarsal head region is never constrained. Is this a good idea, or is there a better way to prevent this pain?

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This is always a dilemma. Finding the correct spot and the appropriate bump size is a challenge and should be experimented with. Perhaps just moving the bump a bit one way or the other will alleviate the pain?

I would make sure there was no lateral pressure on the met heads however, I would be cautious not to get too much space as this will seriously compromise performance. If she has some wiggle room around the met heads in a shell fit (approximately the thichness of the liner in that area) she should be OK.

Does she have the same issues in street shoes? Maybe look into an Intuition liner as well and perhaps prepad the met heads when forming the liners to offer a bit more room there.
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Yep all that, plus, "the boot guys" have been talking about correct fit of shell and this could be a case where even though you think you are in the right size shell she may not be for her foot shape. You need to get her foot measured with a branick devise by someone that knows how to use it, and get the measurements for the arch length compared to over all length of the foot. If the arch length is larger than over all measurement you may need a larger shell. If this is the problem the wide part of the foot will end up being farther forward than the wide part of the shell and will pinch the ball of the foot and can irritate a chronic Morton’s issue. It would be like wearing high heel ski boots.

Something to consider. But definatly get it fixed it is not worth the pain and your marriage will certainly be better with happy feet.
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No marriage problem...she's happy to go in for coffee and the book she brought, although she'd like a longer ski day. I'd like her to get more hours out of that lift ticket, also.

Will check both the length (met heads in the wide part) and the amount of side room. As said, the boot worked very well before the Morton's happened, so it's probably close to the right size. Performance isn't the main issue here...she's a permanent green run skier, and happy to ski all day on the one green run that pleases her, or maybe an easy blue run on a good snow day--what I call ballroom skiing on well groomed soft pack.

Maybe I can get her to wear the ski boots around the house for two hours before an appointment at the podiatrist?...it's hard to fit the bumps just right if the pain hasn't started so we don't know what works and what doesn't.

Thanks, guys
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