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$250. plus shipping or trade for longer or racing GS ski. These skis are in near perfect condition. even the top sheet looks good, in part due to the rubber weave top sheet Volkl uses on these skis, and partly due to light usage and decent form. the bases are all filled and professionally ground. the edges are razor sharp at 1degree/2degree bevel. the characteristics are as follows: very lively, stiff for their size, lots of side cut to arc the mellow arc(115-77-104) 13.9m turn radius, good at a wide range of speeds (I have often straight lined Siberia face on these to the astonishment of the local racers training on the adjacent slope "dude, you straight lined the face on 156's!?" said a young charger on 180 super Gs, it was a speed training weekend. And I have screwed around at Shirley doing 15-25 with equal ease.) this ski has a GS flex, is very shock absorbing, smooth arcing, and versatile. It is a far more pleasant and strong ski to ride than anything in the 5 star series, which has a slalom flex and is a twitchy, temperamental, hooky, little bit-h. Bindings:Marker Piston Titanium 1200 -3-12 din.. These were my son's skis (I ride them on occasion as they are a kick in the butt) and they have been collecting dust since he outgrew them a couple seasons ago. I have brow-beaten him into being fairly anal about his skis, so they are well maintained, sealed over the summer, always waxed and tuned, you get the point. So the perfect ski for someone out there. Let me know. Prefer to do business in the Tahoe Area, if possible, but for a Bear, we can work something out.