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About posting has the boot expert recommending a boot that the skier can flex as much as the ankle can bend. I sure wouldn't like that. I'm a big guy, 6', 200#, size US13, and my Nordica Doberman 130-flex boots are the stiffest I've owned, and help me to ski the best I've ever skied. I do loosen the buckles one notch and loosen the Booster strap when off-piste.
--Why would anyone want very flexy boots?
--How does one determine how much flex is right for them?

About stance...The first thing I do when I buy boots is to throw away the gizmo at the calf that causes more forward lean. One excellent bootfitter I trust says that a stance that is too upright is rarely a problem, but that a stance with too much forward lean is a much more common problem. Lou discusses this in some of his articles. I know that in the recent past Lange and Tecnica had some boots with the greatest forward lean.
--How does one determine how much forward lean is right for them?
--Which brands generally have more or less forward lean?
--What do we need to know about ramp angle, the forward tilt of the bootboard inside the boot, and how do we use this knowledge to help pick the right boot?