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What ski will you sacrifice on Opening Day? - Page 2

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No way, I just paid $15 for those!
How great, I mean really great are cheap skis? Love 'em, love 'em.
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One nice thing about Michigan skiing is you generally hit dirt, not rocks.

I'll be skiing the 07-08 Crossfires with the demo bindings I got last spring and saving my new Crossfires and barely-used Recons.
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4 season old salomon 1080s with foam cores that are deader than dead...
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It will be my 724 pro (Volkl). Planning to repair the core shots with hard wax and put on an edge.

But I will bring the Top Fuels and chances are the pro's will stay in the car. This is what happens every year, then I get up on the hill and complain about the rocks.

Jiminy Peak has stones on the hill, mixed in with the groomed snow. The trail edges usually have a nice inviting powder with no base what so ever. Gets me every time:
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Originally Posted by volantaddict View Post
For those keeping score:

180 Volant Chubbs
180 Volant Gravity Powers
183 RD Helidogs (AT)
185 Volant Ti Super
185* Volant V2 Chubbs
186 Machete Spatulas
188 Volant Ti Power
188 Volant Chubbs
190 Volant Chubbs
190 Volant Ti Chubbs
193 Machete Hucksters
200 Volant Superkarve Legends
PR8 Salomon Force 9.1 2S

*Actually 188s, but hey, they CALL them 185s
Corrected with the "official" length.
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I'm going to take my 07 public 179 enemy. Paid 187.00 on S&C. I haven't met a k2 I've liked so maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised. They will be mounted 3+ cm for the park. I've never skied with the binding forward before. So if I don't like them I can enjoy trashing them hard!!!
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on my first day out i skiedo my mantra which are still in one pice so far.
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Dynastar Skicross 10 with a broken edge. (, I love those skis)

Or rentals....
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Head iC300 177cm. These are not my rock ski's (I dont have a set of those yet) but they are my oldest skis, and my general purpose skis.
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My first day is usually at Killington or Okemo these days, and they seem to do a really good job of covering everything up on their WROD. Once the season gets going, I spend most of my time at Cannon, which is a fairly rocky mountain (New Hampshire... granite...) and I always seem to find a rock before the day is out.

I seem to be a rock magnet though, especially on powder days. It's a special talent. So my "good skis" quite rapidly become "rock skis", and now I just really don't care. Tools, not jewels.
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