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Paint a picture with words

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Just one at a time please, and really get into the detail, so I can close my eyes and see it all. there are only so many ski movies out there, but an infinite number of mental images that skiers' have in their memory. I'll just get the popper going and wait for the show. thanks, oh yeah.
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North Wind on the Palisades

We had some great pow in the chutes yesterday, but this morning the north wind has come up and is messing with the snow quite a bit. It's blowin' a good 30 mph, and just making the boot pack was a bit of an adventure. Only a few skiers think of this morning as much of an opportunity to ski Extra, but for some it could, just could still be happnen', in spite of nasty old north wind. The narrower chutes hold the most potential, maybe, because they are less battered and scoured and may still hold some pow, if not the first turn, maybe the second or third, and then, oh yeah, all the way down. so it's worth a shot, and those first couple turns, well, ski strong and expect anything. So I'm standing up top, stepping into my skis and watching the guys in front of me. I mean the top is flat, and then there is sky. that's all you see, a dude standing on the edge and sky all around him. beautiful. So he's looking out, at the sky, takes a couple steps forward, toward NOTHING AT ALL, and drops in without a sound. There is a one second count, and I know he hasn't turned yet, or depending on his line, even contacted snow yet, and then it happens: a giant puff of snow comes flying up out of the chute and into the blue sky, lit up iridescent by the bright sun, riding on the strong north wind, a huge billow of powder. Man it is beautiful. It's the snow he first exploded when he made his first contact in the chute. Well that looks pretty freakin' good. I'm totally on it, f---- yeah! "dropping...."
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