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Zeal goggles?

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Has anyone used the Zeal Aperture goggles? I just saw them in a magazine and they sounded pretty neat...supposedly they adjust automatically from dark (allowing in 13% light) during a bright sun day to lighter (allowing 33% light) on a flat light day. They have a high contrast rose lens and a permanent polarizing filter and infused anti-fog tochnology molded into the lens. I'm wondering if this is all hype or if they are good. They almost sound too good to be true... I looked up reviews and found one that wasn't for this exact model, but the person said the strap wouldn't fit around a helmet (too short).

I skied a lot of flat light days last season, and I've been wondering if any type of goggle would be better on that sort of day, or is it just a condition that can't be fixed with goggles.
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I have Zeals with the rose colored photochromatic lense (can't recall model name). They are great goggles, but I'm not sure they are the flat light solution. I'd say they are best on partly cloudy days where the sun goes in and out.
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