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TR: Loveland / A-Basin 10/27-10/28

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Flew out to Denver hella early Saturday 10/26. The reason for the trip was 3-fold. 1. Attend a Halloween Party Sat night. 2. Take a girlie out to dinner for her birthday on Sunday. 3. Ski.

Halloween party was small, rowdy and since i was planning to ride on Sunday I laid low (3 beers then tons of water). Ended up sleeping in the Highlander in the garage as the karoake went on till well past 4. I was up at 6, though not entirely rested. Note to self: next time have a sleeping pad. The back seat of the Highlander, when folded down for carrying skis, is hella uncomforable.

Regardless of less than ideal sleeping arrangements, I was on the road by 7:30 and got to Loveland for my 8:45 meet with Tsavo and Bong. Ran into them in the parking lot. Knowing how "core" some of the 'Rado folks could be, I was prepped and ready to ride at 8:45. Bong and Tsavo had to go through some crazy boot ritual, though, so we probably didnt' get on the mountain until about 9:15, maybe 9:30. Good thing I'm from Cali and hella easy going.

Once in the lift line we latched on to a couple of Bong/Tsavo's friends, Jim and Eileen. Did some laps with the five of us and Jim eventually broke off as we were kind of keeping things kind of Donovan (that would be mellow-yellow for the sonically confused). For those who like to keep track of my fashion sensibilities, I was rocking my 180 No Ka Oi's (affectionately refered to as Noki's from here on out) and a pair of "autumn" camo pants (burnt orange, mulberry, tan color combo) and a new helmet (first for me) that keeps in tradition with my willingness to rock women's gear (bought the ladies MX10 which is flat grey with pink accents).

After a morning break Bong let me get on his Nordy Top Fuels (I was floundering a tad on the ice on my hella stiff Noki's). Damn! Okay, 170cm feels REALLY short, but those skis ripped. I even got "props" from Tsavo (no easy feat) on improved stance and less pinto riding (that would be backseat action for the dookey linguistically challenged). After a bit we connected with Skibum4ever, Captain Strato and their respective significant others. Sadly we didn't ride together that much. I ended the day doing a few closing laps with Eileen after Bong and Tsavo split post lunch. Then it was back to the D and dinner with a girlie (I think it went well. Only time will tell. I did drop her off at her place so she feels good enough about me to not think i'm some stalker freak!)

Sunday got up and hit the road about 7:45 and connected with Bong at A-Basin a little after 9. First trip to AB and the legendary "WROD." First run it was obvious that the Basin boys had groomed the run nicely. There was about an inch or two of "sugar" and my Noki's felt much more at home (they have a pretty aggressive flex and I really have to work 'em on ice, but on the sugar they RIPPED). Bong noticed an improvement, as well and we chocked it up to improved snow conditions, acclimation to the alty, and having broken in my slumbering ski legs the day before. We did about 7 laps before taking a pee and water break. At this point Bong let me get on his Nordy Mach 3's in a 178 and he strapped into my Noki's. DAMN!!!! Those Nordy's RIPPED the sickness. 72mm freaked me out a bit since I usually ride 87-94, but they gripped and turned. Bong was laughing as I whipped down the run without stopping, cranking out some nice carves. Just when i thought I'd sussed out the quiver now I realize the joy of grinding the groommers early season! Time to start putting some pennies away for a super narrow bad boy (though Bong thought my idea of re-moutning my old 198 7S wasn't totally crazy). We ran into Skibum4ever and her sig in the lift line but when we got to the top they were taking snapshots and Bong and I were in the gleeful zone of trying some new sticks so we pulled a "No Friends on WROD" move and cranked out a few more laps (nothing personal Skibum! :0). We called it a day by Noon as both of us had work and personal related things to take care of (Bong, dentist, me record reviews).

All in all it was a fantastic fly by weekend in the D and Summit County.

As for pix? Honestly, I don't have a working camera, plus I'm always more jacked to get in some turns than to stop and take pix. Next time perhaps...
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I think I need a class on how to dookey-ize my trip reports.

Originally Posted by dookey67 View Post
"No Friends on WROD"
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Our friend is from Canada and it is his first trip to Colorado, so he had to take lots of pics. He's one of those "xx monthly streak" kind of people so he came out here as there was no snow in eastern Canada or eastern US. We've been having a fabulous time at both Loveland and the Basin. Although it is not like mid-season skiing, it is great to be on skis again. Anyone who is thinking of coming out here for a few days, DO IT. It's a lot of fun.
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Ski-3PO, i have my own lingo. That's my trademark as a journalist.

A crash course:

Pinto Riding or Down in The Bucket = in the backseat. Something I can be all to fond of from time to time

Twips = twin tips

"No Friends On A WROD Day" = merely a riff on "No Friends On A Powder Day" but changed to "No Friends On A White Ribbon Of Death Day" (WROD is a term I first heard used by the Colo faithful who ski A-Basin's man made/blown frontside groomer run early season.

There's many more words, but truthfully I make a lot up on the spot so you really have to ride with me to get the full-effect. I also toss off stuff so quickly that I usually forget 'em and often don't stop to explain their definition as it's usually running through my head as I'm coming up with the word and then I just assume everybody knows what I'm talking about (they usually don't).
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Oh, I understood it all...I just wish I could produce it. I might need the No Friends On a WROD Day quote as my sig.
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it's all about tweaking fool's melons!

i chock it up to being raised straight suburban style in The Sunny Meadows of Oakland, CA (aka the Oakland Hills...borrowed the SUnny Meadows bit from a rapper named Del the Funkee Homosapien) then going to college in San Luis Obispo. There i was stuck in the dorms with a bunch of SoCal kids so I picked up "dude" and other misc. surfer lingo. Then I got sandwiched in with other kids from NorCal (dude from Castro Valley introduced the much lamented "Hella"). Then it went downhill when I got turned on to rap and made a trip to mecca (NYC). I was thrown pell mell into a completely foreign scenario where I picked up all manner of bizarre lingo (by Cali standards). Swish that around a few years, and voila! you get dookey speak. I have my own dictionary somewhere (gotta find the hard drive it's on). May publish it some day.

anyway, i just like messing with people and coming up with bugged out ways to say ordinary stuff.

also a lot of my lingo was derived during college and immediate post-collegiate partying periods. it's amazing what the brain comes up with when sufficiently lubricated.
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had to do it, bu thanks for the TR and I guess I should start sharpening my Public Enemies.

to bad I couldnt get the RC4s remounted before I came to Pa.
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Sounds great and I am happy to see you enjoyed those skinny boards! Yes, everyone should have a pair in thier lineup.
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^^yeah Bush, I know, I know. But I just feel like such a frickin' tourist with a camera. That and I really just want to ski. On Sunday Bong and I were just kicking out leisurly, but well-paced laps and only stopped to pee/refuel one time. Granted we only rode from 9 - 12, but we were having a blast on each other's planks.

Plus I always hate asking somebody to slide down the hill and then snap shots of me.

I'll succumb one of these days...
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Thanx for the good time Dookey. Hope to see you back soon!
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I ride pimp stylee...

how's that for a picture Bush? Does it make my TR a little more worthy?

(this snappy was taken the night before riding Loveland when I had to sleep in my car because my buddy's H'Ween party went on past 3am and I had a 6am wake-up call. I swear I was the only sober person at the party, too, which was a trip).
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Love Land Pictures

Last Friday or maybe Thursday
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^that's kinda what it looked like on Sunday, but i think it was a bit more crowded and there was less sugar on the runs.
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Originally Posted by dookey67 View Post
it's all about tweaking fool's melons!

i chock it up to being raised straight suburban style in The Sunny Meadows of Oakland, CA (aka the Oakland Hills...borrowed the SUnny Meadows bit from a rapper named Del the Funkee Homosapien) then going to college in San Luis Obispo.

dookey - sounds much more like downtown Oakland lingo to me, minus the background of gunshots!.

Always excellent entertainment and info tho, so keep em coming (and the dookey - english(?) dictionary). And time to start teh snow dances -looking awfully brown here in Tahoe -high 50s yesterday in Incline:
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