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Which 2 Ski Quiver is More Versatile? - Page 2

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At the end of last season, my 2 ski quiver for the east was Nordica Doberman SL and Hot Rod Eliminator.

I kept my Dynastar SkiCross 10s just in case, but I'm thinking of adding something new to my quiver, just not sure what.
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I have finally come to realize that much of my conundrum over choosing skis was as a result of not choosing based on the specific application. SJ, you hit it on the head when you said that the 78mm ski would be a good choice if I wanted ONE ski. Probably why I was not terribly inspired by the "mid fats" I had tried before. When I did try a pair of Salomon 1080 Guns in a foot of fresh snow over existing bumps and while they were kind of unstable they sure were fun!
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Originally Posted by allan o'neil View Post
"Buck" I assume your IM78's will be 177's?
You assumed correct!
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So I bought a pair of brand new '07 RX8's (170cm) at a good price. After some consideration/reading I am quite convinced I will also buy a pair of '08 Salomon Hurricanes. I liked the light and lively feel of the 1080 Guns that I tried and these have to be a more substantial ski with better grip. So given that my greater concern is that they be great at trees and bumps and cut up snow here in the east than they be a great soft snow groomer ski when I go out west, at 200 lb. do I go for the 172's or 180's?
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200 lbs. I would take 180s.
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Any other opinions given where and how they will be used?
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I would elaborate by just saying it depends on where you ski, how steep the slopes are, how dense the trees are, how much snow they typically get, and how bumpy it gets in the trees...

I would say that something like the hurricane is a ski I would choose if you don't get a ton of fresh, lots of skiers in the woods and its often bumpy in the trees. 172 might be good if its really tight and there is alot of traffic and trees. But then again really tight trees don't usually get alot of traffic so the 180 seems to make sense.
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The Hurricane is last year's Fury and is a pretty nice ski. It is fairly soft in the 172 but firmer in the 180. I liked the 180 better.

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millimetric minutae

Originally Posted by MattL View Post
it's gibberish latin!....often spoken in sacramento...:
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