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WTB Thrashed Twin Tips!!

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I need one to two pairs of abused twin tip skis W/O bindings for my son to use in the park on rails. New Big Troubles are to be used on the mountain only but some days are for the park. Round 170 or so.
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How much you looking to spend?

Where are you located?

Do you Paypal?
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Not looking to spend a lot as they will just get ruined hitting rails. Yes to paypal and we live in Central WA.
I cant stand to see them use good skis on the rails and this seems like a good solution.
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I've got a pair of Line Mothership Flite's, in a 172, in fair shape.
They've been drilled two and a half times. Edges are in good shape w/no blown/welded edges. Bases in decent shape w/some gouges (repaired w/ptex), but no core shots. Top sheets have normal wear/scratching.

I'm looking for $100+ shipping.

Or there is this deal:

Those Karma's would fit the bill as well.

Either way, let me know if interested...
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sounds good , i will check with Jr. in the morning. Never could figure out what he meant about the edges on the karmas? i would buy both right now just to get this over with.
Thanks, let you know tomorrow.
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Any word yet on if you want the skis?
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Memo, Sorry for the delay i got distracted by work. Kid likes the ski but his budget is getting smaller, if you decide ot blow them out please let us know. You may wnat to post them on the TGR gear swap too, lots of traffic there.
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