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Forward lean chart?

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Does anyone know the forward lean specs for the current crop of what are marketed as "race boots" (non plug)? Boots like the Salomon Falcon race, Technica Diablo Pro 130, and Nordica Dobi Aggressor 130 are the class I'm interested in. Forward lean info on boots not listed of this class would be appreciated also.
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I have these specs at my shop. I will post them when I get a chance!! They are different!
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Thanks Bud, I'd appreciate it.
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here it is:
all measurements done with digital level and protractor and sans liners and spoiler shims.

Nordica Aggressor 150 315mm, fwd=12, ramp=4 net=8
Nordica Doberman 130 315mm, fwd=12, ramp=4 net=8
Tecnica Diablo race 130 311mm, fwd=13, ramp=5 net=8
Salomon Falcon race 315mm, fwd=13, ramp=6 net=7
Atomic RT CS 110 fwd=14, ramp=4 net=10
Tecnica XT17 fwd=12, ramp=5 net=7
Salomon S lab fwd=15, ramp=5 net=10

hope this helps!
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Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.
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