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Supersport Star

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Guys, I can get a good deal on these skis 2006 volkl supersport star. I was told that it would be a good ski for a beginner on the east coast. What are your opinions, I am used to rentals and the guy said that even these beginners skis would be a great upgrade from rentals. Any advice would be appreciated before I spend the money.

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Unclear if this is the base * (beginner-intermediate) or above. The Star series gets very good (and fairly demanding) at 5 or above. 4* and below you can do better unless it's just a coupla benjamins new with binding. Warning: These are a older cross design that's evolving rapidly. Not many folks still want something this narrow. They're still a fine ski, but have a hunch they'll not age gracefully in terms of what's out there. And they're a bunch out there at deep discounts. Don't buy unless you intend to use them more for an ice ski, don't buy below the 4*, and don't pay much.
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OK, reread your post, apparently these are the base model.

Don't bother. If you want a great deal on a ski you can grow with, go search out online a one or two year old new Fischer RX6 or AMC73, a Head iM72 or XRC 800, a Dynastar 4800; depending on your terrain.

Just not worth buying beginner's skis. You can already ski an intermediate ski, you just don't know it.
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