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Hi all,
I am a male, 5'10" and approximately 175 lbs. I am just turning 18 and have skiied since i was 13. I have always use rental skis because I did not want to spend money on skis when I knew would need new ones almost every year from improvment and growing. I would rate myself as advanced but not expert, I can ski any trail including the bumps (although I struggle with making them look pretty). I live on the eastern shore in maryland so the locall skiing is very poor, but I go on a trip nearly every winter. I went to Sunday River in Maine last year and I'm going to steamboat this year. I am totally lost at what to buy as my first ski and would really appreciate some help!
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The best thing to do is spend some money and get a good pair of boots that fits. Go to a good bootfitter and they will be able to direct in the right direction. For skis instead of getting rentals upgrade to some demos. Try out several different brands and models you will then know for yourself what you like and what ou don't like. Let us know what you like in the skis you have used in the past and we can direct you to some that may fit what you like. I tend to like a stiffer ski with good edge hold therefor I like alot of the skis from Volkl.
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