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Sport1.at - where are the videos?

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Last season, Sport1.at posted videos of the top 3 finishers in each world cup race. I went there to see the videos from Solden, but all I could find were post-race interviews. The site is in German, so I cant navigate all that well. Do they still post the runs?

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Ya, I didn't find them either... That kinda sucks...
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I noticed this too sadly. If I remember correctly from last year they didn't have the coverage from races in Austria (I would guess due to some rights deal), so I'm holding out hope that they'll still have some footage of other races. It's pretty much the only coverage of tech events you can find in Canada, with the exception of a couple GS events over the season if we're lucky. Although hopefully that will pick up with races in Panorama and Whistler this year
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