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Head iM 78 length?

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I've heard this ski skis long. I'm looking for something between my 165 Fischer RC4 WC SC and 192 Wahtea 101. I'm 5-10 195, level 7-8. Looking for all round performance in crud, trees, bumps and groomers. Thinking 177, sound right? Also anyone know the radius for the 177?
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Radius is just under 15--I just bought the 177 myself and I am a little taller and heavier. When I skied the 177 it seemed like a good length although I never even skied it in 183. The I think you would be happy with a 177 and it seems like a good fit in your quiver.
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I would second that, go 177cm.
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FYI, the 171 is 14.6m tr, the 177 should be a little over 15m. I am 6' 175 and went with the 171 but will use almost exlcusively for soft groomers when there's nothing in the trees.
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I opted for the IM78s in 171, though I'm also a bit lighter at 5'10" 158#. You'll probably be happy going a bit longer, IMO, though always dependent on how and where you ski.
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