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Seattle Night Skiing

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So I am going to be doing some business in Redmond and spending Sunday through Thursday there. I know that there are some great areas a couple hours away but am curious if there are any smaller areas convienient to Redmond--i.e maybe 20-30 minute drive that I could do some night skiing after work?
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Absolutely. You can either go to Snoqualmie Pass which is about 50 minutes away or so or to Stevens Pass, a drive of approximately 1 hour 30 minutes. More or less depending on traffic in town.

Snoqualmie has three very intermediate ski areas (more like rinks) that offer groomed blues and greens. Alpental which is also in the same place is much more challenging, but the best stuff is not open at night. It still can give you a few hours of good times, though. Base elevations are at about 3000 feet or less. Often the weather and snow can be less than wonderful.

Stevens Pass has a base of 4000 feet, which makes a big difference for snow and weather. It has a large amount of the front side of the area open to night skiing. The snow is generally better than Snoqualmie and the hill is more interesting and has more variety at night than any of the other areas.

Redmond is a pretty big, spread out, place so my driving times are very approximate. It's closer to Snoqualmie and Alpental than to Stevens no matter where you are, though. Someone may mention Crystal, but it is a lot farther and more difficult to get to at night because of Redmond's location and the urban traffic mess that is the greater Seattle area. Also, Crystal has limited night skiing.
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What posaune said, except there's no night skiing at Crystal. They've had very limited night operations in years past but not this year.
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Having skied here for years and done a lot of night skiing after work, Well Posaune is mostly rite-on. Stevens Pass is really the best bet for snow and terrain. If you can talk to a local and find out the back roads the trip time from Redmond will be less. Maybe 75-80 min. depending on traffic and how soon you can leave. Both Stevens and the Snoqualmie areas stay open until 10:00 pm so its easy to get in lots of runs. Also little or no lines at night.
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