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Bodes well for the season...

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Nobody going to congratulate Bode on winning the World Cup GS in Val d'Isere?
First American to win GS since Phil Mahre in '83
Well done doode.
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Bravo...Well done...hip hip horee'...keep up the good work Bode.
Lets put it together in February.
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How about Bode's Slalom win on Monday. Way cool back to back wins.
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Yep--Bode's well!

Congratulations to him! He also appears to be skiing more conservatively, and with a bit more discipline than in the past, so with luck, his consistency will improve as well. He's always had the ability to be dangerous, on any given day. Well done, Bode!

Now if Eric Schlopy can only find his groove again....

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Yeah, so much for consistency. Watched SuperG at Val d'Isere last night. Anybody else see it? I may be mistaken, but I believe that was Bode Blow-up on his back in turn 3! Oh well, I suppose I'll give him credit for his earlier flukes. (just kidding)

For those who didn't see it... Austria takes the top spot on the podium. AGAIN. Nearest American was nearly 3 seconds back. Both Fliescher and Rhalves were in there somewhere. I was secretly hoping Aamodt or Kjuss would uncork one, but they ended up in the pack about 1.5 seconds out. Dissapointing race on many levels!


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He sure did blow up, but that was before the two technical victories.
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...and Bode takes a Slalom first place at Madonna di Campiglio! He was fastest in BOTH RUNS. WOW--what happened to the old "inconsistent" Bode Miller?

Watching his run in GS at Val D'Isere, I am still amazed. He was so far off-balance for half the run--I don't know where the speed came from. He must have skied a better line than anyone else. Von Gruenigen and a couple of the Austrians had extraordinary runs with one or more big errors that cost them significantly.

It's great to see Bode having this kind of success. But given his inconsistency and tendency to blow up, if I were his coach, I think I'd strongly advise him to stay out of the speed events! That crash in the Super G was pretty impressive, but I guess it didn't shake him up much--two first places since then!

Go Bode!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes

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I would agree with Bob, "blow-up" is quieter in his upper torso and centering well on his skis (not leveraging as much), but he is soooo light and drifty, he has the capacity to live up to his name in a nano second!
Congrats to all the great early results from the north american crowd! Forsyth, Simard, Lefrancois,Turgeon,Roy,Mendes, Bode, Lalive et al! Just remember....the euro crowd has trained to peak in Feb! Robin

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I know Bode made his name skiing K2 Fours...what is he on now?
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I was pleased to see he won one race, now he has just won a second . . . wonderful! And he did it away from home! I'm transformed from a hopeful but pragmatic skeptic to a fan!
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Thanks Bode..... just when we needed it
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