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Segbrown - our posts crossed. Thanks though I booked Portland after all. I guess the Denver traffic could be managed so maybe next time.
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Originally Posted by Fairdog View Post
Silver Skis might not be a good option. They burned this morning. http://www.thenewstribune.com/news/u...ry/191246.html
Yeah, very unfortunate! One of my closest friends, we paly tennis 3 times a week and my older son and his son raced against each other for about 8 years, owns one of the nicest units there.

His unit was not damaged other then the firefighters broke the door to his unit down to make sure the fire had not traveled under the roof to his unit. I do know someone who owns one that burned.

8 units were involved and according to my buddy, some wiring in a wall caused the fire.

Could be tough, getting those 8 units put back together by this season (weather could definetly be a problem) and then there is the smoke damage to otherwise untouched units.
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With regard to snow conditions, the Northwest places would be better in January but Denver better in March, most of the time. The transition to spring conditions in the low altitude Washington areas and sun-exposed Mt. Hood is swift. You should have at least 80% packed powder in Colorado.

Mt. Bachelor is the conspicuous exception to the above generalization, as its higher altitude and drier climate east of the Cascade Crest preserves winter snow extremely well on the half of terrain that faces north. And if it's warm the corn on the sunny exposures is as good as it gets in lift service. Summit is closed about half the time in winter months. By the very end of March your odds might be a little better than that. Logistics for Oregon dictate Meadows Friday, Bachelor the weekend, 3 1/2 hours drive back to PDX.

I fear that the contradictory comments about Bachelor's service relate to the cheap and minimalist manner in which Powdr Corp has run the area (see the Killington threads) since 2003. Fortunately the natural attributes are still all there, as is the network of high speed lifts installed by prior management.

For most of us here on Epic I agree that Crystal has far away the most exciting terrain of any area accessible on this trip. But I don't think it's appropriate for ts01's daughter's first western ski area. Both of my days there had heavy, variable, not-frozen-overnight conditions, and one of thise was in early February. And the emphasis at Crystal is clearly upon steep off-piste skiing.

Lots of choices in Colorado, hard to go wrong as it's the most reliable ski month there most seasons. Only downside is if you know you're altitude sensitive 3 days is too short a trip.
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the old manager that left bachelor in about 03 is back as General manager and thye bought 2 new cats!
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Glad to hear that. But Powdr Corp sold off what, 15 cats in 2003?
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Thanks Tony, and again thanks atomicman. Obviously we're locked into PDX now but Bachelor seems like a good first choice under any circumstance (except of course if we could go to Alta or Solitude but SLC is out). If it's wet or otherwise poor conditions at Hood we can just head down to Bachelor on day 1 and enjoy 3 days there; I always appreciate your insight on weather, snow, etc.

About the altitude -- I've always been fine going from sea level to Utah altitudes (topping out around 9000 ft), which is about the same as Bachelor. Given I want this trip (and everything else) to be perfect for my daughter, the risk of altitude issues on a short trip to CO - 3000 feet higher -- is a factor.
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