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Another SLALOM skis discussion

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New season is coming closer for me, and my olds Elan SLX are for vaste, after about 20 weeks on pist.

Last year, I have borrowed SL12 race department for a week, and I was delighted with these.
: Couse it's hard to get RD of this model, my question is what's the difference between RD and regular consumer product of SL12?

Shall I be satisfied as well as I was with RD? Are these good as close as RDs are?

Or you have any other suggestion, something like Fischer RC4?

Maybe Blizzard SL Magnesium? Have anyone tried them? I've read some good reviews about these. I have an opportunity to by them, not the regular but RD!!! Maybe that's my solution?

What do you think? As I said previously, the season is coming closer, and I need to choose the right pair for me. Only thing that I am interested in are short turns in a high speed, and I am in a big dilemma. : : :

Thnx in advance,
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Having skied both the stock and retail SL:11 back in the day I can say that they are similar (at least on the exterior) in construction, but in performance and feel they are far different from each other. The retail (non-RD) model is much softer in the tip and lacks the explosive energy that the race stock models have.

I have a lot of experience on the Elan SLX. I love those skis - especially the race stock models. They are quite stiff, but have a huge sidecut, so they tend to ski fairly soft with a lot of rebound.

In my experience the most versatile of all the race stock slalom skis that I have skied are the Nordica SLRs (165cm). They are ultra stable compared to most slaloms. I haven't skied the Blizzards, but I have heard great things about them. My brother actually switched from Elans to Blizzards this year - so those might be worth your consideration.

I'd keep Elan, Blizzard, and Nordica at the top of your list - and possibly consider the Volkl if you're not racing them.


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Thnx a lot for a quick answer. I have one more question about those models that you suggested me. Are you talking about Nordica, Volkl an Blizzard RDs or regulars?

One more thing from me. I have also tried K2 MOTO SL RDs and can say all the best for those: stiff, stable but so dynamic...

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All race stock - real FIS level race skis (or RD as you are referring to it as).
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