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twin tips and turned up tails "ugggh, huuuh, what are they good fo' " (War...)

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Legend Pro, a little bit of turned up tail, rounded
Mantra, semi-twin tip
B-Quad, B-Squad square tail
Blizzard, Stockli, square tail (I think)

I got to demo the LP and the Mantra last spring, thanks to Granite Chief. thanks guys. To me, the LP skied like a classic, like every great ski I ever owned, but better. Stable and fast, yet lively and responsive. The Mantra had one of the best front ends I ever skied, drove through absolutely anything, smooth and steady. But I was not impressed with the power in the tail. tuning or the turned up semi-twin tip configuration. I don't know, really.

How about it? What is the true function of some of these new tail designs? do you give up some power in the lower half of the turn? Does one simply get used to it, and get lower end power after learning to ski the ski? Is there a necessary method change, aside from a wider stance?

I'lll ski the square tail again this year because I couldn't be sure I would get the tail power I was accustomed to from the Mantra, and I couldn't afford the LP, never on sale! Love that B-Quad though!

Mind, I'm out west, and what I look for in a ski is the whole turn, early start to the top carve of the turn, long, driving arc in the lower half. Yeah, that's arc'in it baby.

So, wa's up with all that?
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good, but brief, discussion here last week that might help with pros/cons: http://forums.epicski.com/showthread...light=twin+tip
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For the most part skis with twin tips are that way because the manufacturer envisions at least a large part of the consumer group wanting the ability to ski/land switch.

Personally I would never by a square tail ski.
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Twins are like caps were 12 years ago. For some reason manufacturers think that everybody wants them.

Personally I will never buy a twin tipped ski. Wait a minute - I've got a pair of ARVs. But I never use them because they have stupid twin tips and ski like 150s.
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I didn't read the last thread about this because it was too long. This one is shorter so reading it was less painful.

Technically what matters in the ski is the contact surface and where the sidecut stops (before or after the tail is turned up). A rounded tail makes the ski release from the turn a bit better, but that has less effect on how the ski performs than the sidecut - which is responsible for most of the work.

Personally, I don't have a lot of use for a twin tip. I only own one pair of skis with an even slightly turned up tail. My freeride skis are Stockli Stormrider DPs. In reality, if the ski performs well with and without the turned up tail I don't really care if it is there or not. My only gripe is that I like skis that are strong, sturdy, and powerful. Twin tip powder skis tend to run softer than their square tail conterparts (Stockli DP, Head IM103, Rossi Squad, etc).


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TT's will release in turns easier. Too much wasted length and a pain on the gondi's and at lunch to stick in the snow Skiing on Watea 94's rounded raised tail.
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tight spot/short tails

so I'm a very small guy and use that to advantage in certain terrain. I can just about throw sparks off rocks lining the side of a majorly concave chute. that happens because I take the line next to the rocks and am not quite aware that my tails are closer to the rocks than I am, by about 18". My worst falls have been hanging up the tails on a rock on the side of a tight chute, as has been true of many a skier, I betcha'. So, and this is finally the point, why would I want to tack on an extra 5 inches of ski to the back of my ski? I mean, I'd have to give myself 5" more clearance when skiing the true gnar line, right? Explosivs have the shortest damn tail of any ski, the ski is downright wierd if you turn it over and check out the angular sidecut, boot center position in relation to ski center, ski center in relation to ski waist, but the result is a short, flat, square, stiff tail, and that works for me, thank you very much. Just mounting the Squads this week, so I'll see if they can live up to the expectations I have for them as per being a similar ski, but dialed for the the 21st century. (I have skied through two pairs of Budhah model Explosivs, which I bought at the same time because I was afraid that they were going to be the last square tails ever made, manufacturer's fad obsession and all.
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