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Just got back from the ski swap at Ski Center in DC. I went to buy my first pair of skis, and admittedly don't know a lot about what I needed to buy. I found a Ski Center rep who was helping out, and asked him to guide my girlfriend and I. She ended up with a nice pair of Dynastar something-or-others that were previously owned by Ski Center (probably demos or rentals or some such thing). We dropped them off for binding calibration and a waxing (they were tuned before the swap, apparently). All's good there.

He pointed me to a pair of skis that seemed a little long for me, but they were, he said, a good ski for me at my ability level/size/weight. I don't remember much about them other than that they were red, white, and blue and I think maybe were K2... With those in hand, he kept looking for ones that would be a little better length for me, and then grabbed a pair of skis that were shorter, and said "here, these are the same ski, but the length will be better..." The longer skis were red, white and blue, but these were purplish. They didn't seem to be the same ski, but I took them, thanked him, and paid for them, then took them to drop them off for the binding calibration and wax.

When I got home, I looked to see what I'd bought, and felt a little weird when I discovered that the Olin Kinetic V (which I'm 99.9% sure is what I got) is a women's ski. Uh-oh... I'm about 6', 215 lbs. That'd be an awful lot of woman on a ski. Will this ski handle me? I'm an intermediate skier, hoping to improve this season.

So, a) did I get a women's ski? and b) will it matter? Did he lead me astray? Is there any way that this ski really is the "same" ski as a different one that I was holding before?

I can't make it back to the swap today, so either way, it won't do me any good in terms of "making it right", but I might try to flip this at a different swap in the next few weeks and find a better ski for me. I guess this is a "caveat emptor" situation, but I have a hard time thinking that he could have gotten it THAT wrong. I trust the guy's advice, since they seem to have done well for me in the past, but it just felt a little strange to think that I just bought a transgendered ski.