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Binding Recomendations?!?!?!

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I just bought some k2 crossfire skis (153) for my woman. They need bindings? She is a novice skier and is 5'9 and 165lbs and very athletic.

Any advice???

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It really depends on the type of skiier she is. What are you looking for. How and where do you ski? I prefer the features of the Tyrolia series of bindings, but understand that, IMO, it permits a degree of safety that some other bindings don't provide. Having said that, I've had remarkable luck with Salomon and Marker bindings as well.

My advice is to do your homework. Find a good shop and ask their opinion as well, but be certain you can articulate your skiing style, perferences and habits.

Hope it helps. Good luck.
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She is a novice skier. We live and ski mostly in Ohio and hope to make the occasional trip East/West.
Most ski shop carry Marker and push the M1100. Thanks for your input.
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Do they have rails, or are they flat?
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I am going to assume those Crossfires were flat mount skis. K2 offered a bunch of closeout 06 flat models to retailers. The retailers passed along the savings to the consumers.

The reality of things is that a novice skier gets a binding that has plenty of safety features, is lightweight, and is easy to use (basically step in and out). I feel that most binding companies do a good job in meeting these three criteria. The bindings will release the skier when they need to and hold the skier when they need to.

For lower to mid level bindings, I prefer the Looks. The Nova 10 AFC or Nova Exclusive AFC (women's Nova version... just a graphic diff.). These bindings have the safety of the higher end Look toe pieces but with a simple step in heel.

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Agreed with Denny. Look bindings also have a good rep, but it's really hard to go wrong here. Don't go bargain basement, but you're not looking to roll the din to 14 either.

A word of caution - if the shops you're dealing with are pushing Marker exclusive to all other options, probe a little and find out why.

Also, search this site for binding reviews. There are a number posted that provide insight into what others have found.

Hope that helps.
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