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Start Dressing them NOW

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As an instructor who works with kids--often. You are going to find it very difficult to install gloves, etc on your kids in the cold.

HINT: Begin practicing now. I pulled out my son's gloves a few days back. He is 28 months now. Each day we put them on once. In 5 days...he was putting his fingers in the right slots. By the time the cold starts....he might be putting them on himself. Don't think mittens are your answer. The thumb is a nightmare. 30-40% of the time on the hill...I just put all 5 fingers in the slot for the kids...they don't like it...I dont like it, but its cold and they have no idea how to move their thumb into place. I push, pull, direct and yet the damm thing moves more than a 16 yr old male in a biology class.

Helmet...we ride bikes and he is required to wear it. THis should not be a probem with me, but may be for you. Again--start now. Have fun with it.. One word---STICKERS.
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Originally Posted by I:)Skiing View Post
One word---STICKERS.
For my 2 and 3 year old girls, the one word is --- DORA.

Of course, the Dora helmet came with a lot of stickers, but I hid them.

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Coming from a warm weather climate, getting 3 young children ready for ski school is a major undertaking -- we factored in an additional 30 minutes! They aren't used to layers, and need to be reminded to hold the cuffs of long johns, turtlenecks, fleecy, etc. before the next layer goes on. As for the gloves, it helped to tell them that each finger needed to find its own little house and go inside (this seemed to remedy the fingers bending like wet noodles the minute the glove went on).
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Last two posts....excellent.
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