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They still love me...

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Here's a couple of funny things that happened to me the last couple of years..
First, I was in a charity ski event in vail a few years back, for the u.s. disabled ski team. An spring slalom race at Golden Peak in Vail. We needed a fourth team member and i discovered my boss was in vail and invited him, which he was thrilled. Well, of course, he wins... Best Crash! Fortunately, only ego damage...sorely needed anyway!
Second, in Taos two years back, at a ski week clinic, my wife is nagging the instructor because he keeps forgeting to shoot video instruction. Finally, on Day 4, he gets the video, and she proceeds to ski directly into the trees!, falls, face plants with skis in the air, and can't get out of deep powder. All on beautiful video. Fortunately for her, I'm too damn cheap to buy the video.
Yes, she still skis, but with helmet now, and yes, I still have the same job!
Don't you love it?
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Very funny - was the video your idea too?

Remind me not to follow your suggestions for my next skiing adventure. Hee hee.
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