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Buying Boots Online

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I'm well aware that boots are the most important part of your ski setup. I was wondering if buying them online and then going to get them fit properly would work? I know roughly what size I take going by my old boots. I ask this because I can get a pair of boots that cost $500.00 where I live for half that online. What do you think?
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if they end up working it can save you some money, Keep in mind the most shops include all the fitting with the price, so that can be $50-$100+ right away. Also they have all the boot models and sizes so you can try boots on side by side, right after one another. Also if you have a warranty issue they will help, or need bindings re-set etc. If you order the boots online also you have shipping costs too.
So yes you may save money, but maybe not, and will for sure spend more time and maybe not get the exact right product
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If you know what boots you like and what shell size you take and you can get a great deal online, go for it. If not, it can be a gamble. but if they are a popular boot, you'll probably be able to resell them on ebay for a good chunk of what you paid if you don't like them. If you're saving two or three hundred dollars, you'll probably still come out ahead if you need extensive fitting. Other than that, if you're buying boots you've never tried before, I would err on the smaller and stiffer side, as boots can be punched and softened, but not the other way around. Or if you don't believe in karma, find a shop that has them in stock and try them on. I got my current pair of langes online for $75 plus another $25 in fitting work and I couldn't be happier.
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A word of advise, what you save in a boot purchased online can quickly be negated in the long run. First as has already been mentioned there are often fit guarantees offered by traditional ski shops. When you have a problem there will be someone you can go and see about it. Second many shops now charge higher labor rates for mounting and adjustments on equipment that was not purchased at the shop. A few shops have even taken the stand that they will not do the work unless either the ski, binding or boot was purchased from them. Many shops discount their labor rates if you need a mount or adjustment to your skis when you get new boots if you buy them from them and most shops will still do the work for free if you you are buying skis,boots and bindings. Something to consider when you are looking at boots online.
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Well you've all convinced me. I'll just buy them locally. Thanks all.
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No No No.......buy online!!!

Just ship me your feet (both) and a 5K word skier bio and I'll ship you your feet back with the perfect fit boots....all at a great price.


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I got a lot of help from this site last year (when i was redoing my ski attire) and the single most important thing I learned is DO NOT BUY ONLINE..

I bought my boots in a shop and I LOVE THEM.. sure I payed alittle more, but they are MY boots.. for MY foot..

boots vary soo much it's not even funny..

as far as skis go though I'd say yeah buy them online...
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