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Boot Liners

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Been doing a lot of research lately on boots as I recently learned just how much rides on them (pun intended). I went out, tried on every race boot I could find, and settled on the Atomic RT Ti 130. Haven't had a chance to ski them yet, but I'm already in love with the boots. I plan to have custom footbeds, and some minor work on the upper cuff done (make room for boney ankles on a very skinny leg). The one issue that I hear multiple conflicting things about however, is liners.

I've heard some people say foam is a waist of time, just got a non-foam aftermarket, while others swear by foam, and others yet say the stock liners do just fine. From what I understand, there are three kinds liners, foam (stiff and soft), gel, and heat molded. I've read many threads here (most several years old) and have found four major brands: Strolz, Conform'able, Intuition, and ZipFit.

I'm interested in getting the most performance as possible out of these boots, and don't mind having to spend a few to do so, but on the same note, I am a college student with a somewhat limited budget. They're going to be used for SL, GS, and SG only. No free skiing, etc. Is it worth getting new liners at all? If so, what kind and brand? Any comments are appreciated.
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What is wrong with the Ti's stock liner? It is thin so it will be great for racing. It felt a little stiff. I mean the foam was a little too stiff. Other than that you should have no problems with it.

I know that there are many aftermarket systems out there but for racing you need a race liner. IMO if your boots are snug/very snug you don't need a foam liner. A non-foam liner will work very well. I have some experience with the Lange ZR race liner (from the Lange WC 150 plug) and the Tecnica Diablo lace-up leather race liner (from the Diablo Race R H17).
The latter is the best liner i have ever used. It is thin, holds the foot very well and, unlike the Ti liner, it is not stiff. It has laces for the best foot hold. It has a great height adjustable tongue. It is very important because you can adjust the height of the tongue for the best fit over your instep and on your lower leg. The tongue has flex cuts where the top of the instep and the lower leg come together to enhance flex and fit in this very important area.

The Nordica Dobermann lace-up liner is the same liner with different colors.

If my boots fit, i would just get the lace-up leather liner and not bother with the rest. They are currently in my Hinged XT-Icons and work very well. The boots have the best flex with the liner thrown in. I tried it with the Lange liner but the flex quality is not the same.
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why not ski the stock liner and see how it is, Then, if you need to, buy a foam or zip fit.

not like your stockliners are worth anything to anyone, new or used.
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Why are you so intent on foam? The Atomic plug liner is awesome.
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I went from a 30.5 Race:10 boot to a 28 Ti 130, so they're definitely snug. I'm not against the stock liners at all, they actually seem like they'd be excellent for plug boots, very thin and dense, don't look like they'll pack out at all. Only reason I was even thinking about switching is all this talk I heard about after market liners and how good some of them are. I also thought that it might help to elevate some of the ankle pain, but I'm guessing thats just because its a plug boot and so narrow.

I think just trying them out for now is probably the best idea.
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