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I just bought a pair of BD Kilowatts in a 185 and I'm trying to decide if I should return them for the 175's. All this talk about shorter skis has me second guessing myself.

Heres the details:
Weight: 200-210 lbs
Ht: about 6'2"
"Advanced/expert skiier"
Live in Colorado... using for touring/ski mountaineering/powder

Plan on seeking out the deep stuff with these and probably will not use much at the resorts. I also would like to do some hut trips, overnight camping, and 14ers, so I'll have a pack from time to time as well.

I went for the longer skis thinking with my weight I could use the extra float when touring and playing in the powder.

Really the only thing having me question my decision is that I DO enjoy tight terrain (especially trees) and would not mind having a lighter set up.

Any thoughts? Will the 175's give me the float I am looking for (even with a pack etc...)? Or should I stick with the 185's and stop making this so complicated...