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SPOILER- Ladies GS, Soelden, AUT

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Here is the result list of the first women's race of the season.

Julia was second!!! WOO HOO

You Go Girl!

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It looks like:

- Mancuso is picking up where she left off last year. She may have been a little off on the first run, but in the second she showed she that she has the right attitude, and will ski every race on the assumption that she belongs on the podium.

- Vonn (aka Kildow) is also looking positive. There are some question marks when someone comes back after (a) an injury and (b) a life-change like getting married. The 13th place is her best GS finish at the WC level since January 2005.

I'd look for both Mancuso and Vonn to be among the handful of contenders for the overall cup all season, with Mancuso being more all-around, and Vonn being stronger in the speed events.

Resi Stiegler (15th) should also be at, or just below, the top level in the technical events.
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Great skiing by Mancuso, Karbon and Zettel offcourse but the top skiers from the first run (except Karbon) did very bad in the second run. There was a big change in visability I heared on TV. Both Poutiainen, Hosp and Pietilä-Holmner failed to keep the speed up.
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