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What did I buy?

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Just came back from a ski swap. Spent a whopping 45 bucks. Got-
Head "the big easy" $25, with bindings, figured I could have some skis to trash, even if they are old. I cannot find anything about them, they are blue and gray. Anything I can find is about the skiboards. I assume these are a beginner ski?

Next is Atomic Beta Race 10'22. 20 bucks, with bindings. Alright shape. Any opinions on these?

Both are 160. Should have fun messing around on these, esp the "big easy's"; I never wanted to do rails with my betters skis, as I didn't want to wreck the bases. Now I have some skis to wreck.
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the 10 22 in 160 would be a good junior race ski
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Ok. I'd like to get into racing; right now I ski on volkl p50's, sc racing, 155's.
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