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Great Doug Coombs tuning video

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I found this in the Pow Te Ching thread and thought it really needs to be in here.

Doug Coombs showing his unique tuning system.

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Very much appreciated. I sure miss even knowing that he's a part of the ski scene.
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That's pretty much how I do my skis, except I don't bother with the gummi and the base cleaner. Rocks de-burr edges just fine for me. I used to be a tech also.
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Cool to see a skier of such serious terrain taking such a casual approach to tuning. Put an edge on and wax. But won't the cotton setting set wax to flames and turn ptex into bacon? Cotton is really HOT on my iron.
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This is pretty cool. I'm not so sure I have the skill to do such an expert toon
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The core shot repair technique is my favorite. The use of the panzer is great too. Lots of people have them but most are afraid of using them.
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Thanks for the post. I saw this a few years ago but have been looking for it every since. I love how he takes the Bastard file and says, "See that grip? That's three degrees right there."
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