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Salomon Impact Boots

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I am heading to a ski swap/show today and was wondering it the Salomon Impact boot line was available last year. I can't seem to find anything on the web referencing their availablility last year. Does anyone know?

They seem to be the best fit and would prefer to buy at last years price.

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The Impact is new for 07/08. It replaces the X-Wave line. So anything at a swap would be a very good find indeed. The X-Waves were popular, and in my experience even they get scooped up when offered for sale used. REI has some leftovers for a decent price, link.
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Thanks. I was afraid of that. I never could find a X-wave that fit well. The Impact does. It seems that Salomon must have reverted back to a foot shape from years-gone-by when they used to fit my foot very well. Maybe I can find a Diablo or Speedmachine that will work.
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A Salomon rep told me the Impact replaced the Xwave, but the Impact has a roomier last. It was the only Salomon that ever fit me at all, but I got a Dalbello Proton because it fit better.

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^ X-Wave has the roomier last. Impact is narrower in the heel, slightly lower in the instep and about a mm or two narrower in the forefoot....
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Salomon Impact & Nordica Speedmachine

I had on the Salomon Impact Pro for over an hour. Felt real good. It's down to the Speedmachine or the Impact. I went home and put on my old boots and in 10 minutes of just sitting in a chair, my neuroma started to flair up. So, looks like I will be on the hunt for for either one of the boots, Impact 10 or Pro; or Speedmachine 12 or 14.

Follow up question. How much do these boots stiffen up in the cold?
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Impact Pro

I had Snowcovers fit a pair of these for me last month. I have a fairly wide foot and high instep and my old boots were killing me. Have worn these around the house for over an hour and they are fantastic. They did some punching out at the ankles and I went for the custom footbeds but I'm tired of skiing with pain. It seems if you have wide feet the first look see from a fitter goes to Salomen.
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Originally Posted by krmorr View Post
I had on the Salomon Impact Pro for over an hour. Felt real good...Follow up question. How much do these boots stiffen up in the cold?
That’s a good question since the Impacts are new this year. However, since the Impact shares much with last seasons smaller last Falcon 10 or Race, perhaps a few folks could comment on how the Salomon plastic firms up from a living room to a frozen hill top.

Certainly I will give some feedback once I get out in the real cold as I have a pair of the Impact Pros [120 index on the Salomon scale]. Stiffer plastic in the cuff and lower shell [their injection molding technique also allows asymmetrical flex, something that I really noticed] and has a softer plastic over the instep to aid in boot-on. Another firmer plastic insert ties spine to heel and really firms up edge to edge movement. The thin shell and outstanding liner provide even the wider feet, normal to tall instep [instep buckle can be articulated in three positions] and small ankle crowd a great overall feel for a very lite 100 last Boot. The Impact Pro can be tuned well in the hands of a good boot specialist and I would suggest ditching the Velcro strapping and replace with a 3 band booster strap as it will really clamp it down for you. Cheers
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