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Ski recall

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The recall is for Line Pro Ski Boards . "The ski boards were sold at ski, snowboard and sporting goods stores from September 2006 through January 2007 for about $180."

Those are those really short skis - 98cm.

I know they're dorky looking but they look like fun to try. Maybe I'd go out night skiing with them. I'm sure they'd be great for working on balance.

After looking at the website it looks like these guys are no longer selling snow boards http://twintipnation.com/shop/07_lin...kis_pr_53.html
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Maybe you should change the thread title to "snowlerblade recall"

IMO adult "skis" should be at least 150cm.

I tried snowblades twice...just so I could feel better about making fun of people that use them. What really blows my mind is when I see people using them on a powder day!

Anyway, I hope no one here uses these for anything other that working on balance (which is the only useful thing I found about them...and I don't recommend working on your balance on days where it snows more than 4 inches).
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