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collective term for skiers and snowboarders?

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Got a dumb question for you guys: Is there an accepted, collective term for both skiers and snowboarders that has entered the vernacular? Calling them snowsport enthusiasts is a little cumbersome and possibly has too broad a meaning. I don't know if the term snowriders is meant only for snowboarders? Do you guys know a good collective term for the people using a ski slope?
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Not to be confused with people who visit alternate realities, but then again, perhaps.......
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Originally posted by Lisamarie:
Aren't sliders sold at Whitecastle?
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Sliders are cashiers who put their hand over the bar code as they pass it over the scanner to give free stuff to their friends and family. : :
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Do you guys know a good collective term for the people using a ski slope?
human slalom
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No catch-all term is unilaterally accepted yet, which means there's a perfect opportunity for us to influence things. I vote to call us all snow sports. "Hiya, Sport!"
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I don't think Snowrider is a term exclusive to boarders, I use it to describe all sliders. But Slider is probably more commonly associated with all types of riders.

My .02.
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I've seen "snowsports" journals lump the two groups together under the single title: "skiers." That's probably not fair to boarders, but that's what I see happening.

I also see other common terms used to refer to both groups:

People who ski off trail are often occasionally called "freeriders"--a snowboard term.

Skiers now "jib" on rails or execute freestyle moves in a terrain park just like boarders.

Snowboarders can buy "Alpine" and "all mountain" snowboards.

Are we confused yet? I think what we are seeing is a melding of the two cultures. It no longer matters what you ski or ride on but where and how you ski and ride. Seth Morrison is just as cool as the late, great Craig Kelley, and vice versa.

Sliders, in my opinion, stinks as a title. It implies sliding out of control down a mountain. That's not what we do PEOPLE. We carve, we float, we ride, we jib, but we do not slide.... [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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The ski and snowboard school I worked at last year started calling itself the "snowsports academy".

So I guess we're snowsports enthusiasts.
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How about skiers and snowboarders?

or just riders, it makes the snowboarders feel important that you've come under their moniker. :
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I assumed riders was the term encompassing both skiers and boarders?
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I'd have to steal one of warren miller's terms. Snowriders.
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I like "riders". I believe the NSAA (National Ski Area Association) has adopted "snowsports" as the all inclusive term, replacing "wintersports". You could just do it and call yourself whatever you want. Hows bout that?
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This is very much 'tongue' in cheek and should not be taken seriously.

Snowboarder's (group of) - A W*nk of boarders.

Snowboarder (singular) A W*nker.

Skier A Two planked W*nker

First thing a boarder says to to you? "Sorry dude"

A Boarder without a girl friend? Homeless !!!!!!!!
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Skiers - Two-Plankers (not Two-W*nkers!)
Boarders - knuckle-draggers

Those who do both - Cross Dressers, Ambi-gravitational beings

Universal all-encompassing term expressing a unilateral one-ness and overall description of people who like to attach wood, plastic and metal to their feet and careen down snow-covered mountains?

JUNKIES, DOUGH-HEADS, SNOW-BRO'S (or HO'S), POWDER-HOUNDS, WINTERSLICKS, SNOWFLAKES, (the ever-popular) SLIDERS, SNOW DRIFTERS, WHITE ROOMERS (Very similar to the Green Roomers. There is a certain percentage that overlaps into both categories.), and my favorite... LOTHARS. (as in "of the Hill People") These are just some of the slang I've heard out there in the world. Pick one you like and use it until your friends hate you. Kinda like saying everything is "hell-a-cool", or "hell-a-stupid"... Cartman's friends really hated that one.

Was is Kirkegaard, or Dick Van Dyke who said, "To label me is to negate me."?
Spag :

Q: ColinUK... Snowboarder and Mike Tyson are in a car. Who's driving?

A: The cop.

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I think the people who run the mountains down in Oz call us "Cash Cows".
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