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Bristol Mountain NY Questions

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Just wondering...

A) What are the Friday night skiing crowds like? I was at Bristol for the first time last year on a Saturday morning/afternoon, and didn't think the crowds were too bad. The high-speed quad at the front was a bit busy, so we just took the fixed-grip beside it, which had no line-ups.

B) Has anyone ever backcountry skied the mountain across the valley from the resort? Those look like some pretty mean lines for the east, provided there is ever enough snow.

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Hi Joe,
Nights can get pretty crowded. Bristol is big on school programs, and tends to be pretty busy at night. Most of the crowd is at the chair and on the green slopes-you'll be taking your life in your hand on those! The school programs end about 8:00, so you'd have about 2 hours of relatively clear slopes 'till they close.

We've looked at the hill across the valley for years and wished it could be "Bristol East". It's steeper that anything on the west side. I don't know anyone who's BC skied it.There's access-there is a hanggliding launch near the top. Our problem is not enough natural snow....... A few times a year we get enough natural to ski in the woods at the resort, but not often.
One of our standing jokes is talking about skiing to Locks-the bar up the road from Bristol, but we never seem to have enough snow, ambition, or stupidity to try it.

I'm a Bristol "fixture" so feel free to ask any more questions.......
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