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New Langes?

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41 y.o., 6'2", 195#, very narrow foot, 29.5 mondo points. Expert skier, but, alas, not the body or strength I was at age 20 or even 30. I ski Alta/Snowbird, and can handle anything the mountains have to offer (short of hucking off cliffs). I love powder and steep shoots, and skiing groomers with my toddler in a backback. I'm on Volkl Mantras and Volkl Motions. Currently in 1999 (+/-) Lange X09 which are finally blown out. Frankly, they may be a bit stiff for my aging body.

I'm looking at the Lange Freeride 120; I can pick up a pair of the 2007 model on-line for a great price (but boy are they ugly. My big question is, will they be too stiff? Or should I look at the Freeride 100?

What about the WC 120? Lange makes a big deal out of the differences between the FR and the WC, but I'm not so sure I can see any difference; what are the REAL differences?

Any better suggestions for my narrow foot?

Thanks for the help. I've been to 3 ski shops in the SLC valley and have been fed a lot of BS.
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One last question -- how about the 2006 Lange Comp 100? I wouldn't be interested but that they're a killer deal at $169.
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This year the Freeride Boots are 130 or 110, so you have choices. The 120 is dramatically softened by removing the bolts but you'll reduce the return to origin too. Otherwise you're buying the same boot with a 8mm longer toebox. Something to consider!
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the 2006 100 is softer then the FR110,120 or 130, and also a different shape. Most people are down one size in the new shapes too (me = 8.5 shoe, 25 salomon, 7 old lange, 6 new lange)

2 points to remember:
you can make a stiff boot softer easily, and a small boot bigger. Going the other way is a lot harder.

Assuming that both the boots fit you. go for the old/cheaper 100, or the newer FR110.
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Sorry, mntilion, but your thoughts are contradictory. You say I can make a stiff boot softer, which would imply I should go with the Freeride 120 (2007 model), and I think that's where I'm leaning. But then you say go for the 100!

I'm in 30.0 mondos, so I'm already going down to a 29.0 shell.

Smallzookeeper: which one has the longer toe box?
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go for the 100 for price (and hope that it is stiff enough)

go for the FR for a newer stiffer boot. (and should be fine in flex)

But the first thing is go for the one that fits you best.....
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All World Cup dervied shells W/C freeride 130/110 98mm lasted. Forget the rest they suck.
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