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Intuition Liners

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I have heard about these and have just found the website. I have never had any boots that have not in one way or another hurt. This issue with traditional boots is why I have been exploring the idea af going full time into a AT boot.
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Just got new Intuition liners put in my Dalbello Kryptons today. Unless you have extremely bizzare feet you should be able to get a comfortable fit in an alpine boot, although AT boots do tend to be more comfortable. These days the high end alpine, tele and AT boots all use pretty much the same liners.

You need to find a good boot fitter. There are several threads on that subject if you search. Try the Epic "Ask the Boot Guy Forum" instead of this one.
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I have never tried Intuition liners, but my alpine boots have Thermoflex liners and my AT boots have Thermo Inners in them. I can't imagine skiing in a boot without them. They are comforable (after they pack out slightly), exceptionally warm, light weight, and easy to pull out of your boots for drying (prevents smell).

My boots aren't 100% comfortable, but more so than any boot I've ever had without them. Thermo-conformable liners are one of the greatest advancements in ski gear in the last 10 or 15 years, right up there with shaped skis.

Having a glovelike boot fit does wonders to increase your control over your skis, so a conformable liner is an issue of performance as well as comfort. I you can afford them, buy them.
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Third season on my Intutions. Best $200 I spent in 30 years of sking. Do it, you'll love them.
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When you go looking for Intuition don't let the boot tech bad-mouth them.

I tried to get a pair at the major boot fitting shop at the largest resort in Calif. They were more interested in selling $400-500 zip fits and foam fits(probablly to do w/ the commision structure). I was in there looking for a pair for my girl friend and they tried to fob-off the universial/telli liner, either they didn't know or didn't have her size in the alpine model. When we weren't intersted in that they immediatly went into pushing zip/foam. We ended-up getting the Intuition on our trip to Utah and she's been very happy w/ them.

With the Intuition, I had equal response compared to the foam fit w/o the pain of the foam. Use foam in the long past, great for a run or 2, total pain if you tried to ski all day in them.

Like I said, Best $200 I've spent in 30 years sking.
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I have intuition liners in my Dalbello Krypton Storms and LOVE THEM.
Most comfy and warm my feet have ever been!
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FWIW, in my experience foam injected liners do not have to mean pain. I have a pair of old Strolz boots, and apart from one small pressure point (easily resolved on day one) have had zero issues with them. The great thing about foam liners is that material will go exactly where it's needed and nowhere else - when it's done right.

It may be that foam liners require more skill to fit than thermofit, but at least they will fit virtually all foot shapes without the need for vast areas of foam to be stuck on the outside. Maybe the reason they've gone out of fashion is that it's essential to get things right the first time - no remolding is possible. Thermo may thus be cheaper for shops to deal with as less potential for expensive mistakes.
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For those of you who got the intuition liners, how did you size them? Same as shell size or 1 size bigger? I have heard both mentioned as proper, what worked for you?
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Good question. One variable will be if you use an orthotic, they take-up some volume. In my case: Size 12 foot, I Use a Superfeet cork orthotic, Salomon 10.0 Xwave, 28/28.5 shell(325mm sole length)-I think this is a some what more-volume shell. Intuiton liner is a 11.0, which I think is straight across size match to the shell. I have a med volume foot, a little on + side. This has worked great for me, a super fit and no banging the toes at the front of the boot.

I think the big thing is getting a shop that really knows the Intuition liner, your shell, and the variables involved.

They're GREAT, do it!
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