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New Boots for a Beginner

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My girlfriend started skiing last year. We worked together for 3 days (direct parallel approach) and she got to the point of some not too bad skidded parallel (and some not so parallel) turns. She has a large bunion on her right big toe and this created some difficulties with rental boots during our 1st trip.

My feeling is that for her to ski 5 days this year on a trip we have planned is that I need to get her boots and have them modified to accommodate the bunion. Obviously, it would be nice to get boots that can serve her well as long as possible through her skiing development. Of course, I don't want to get her too stiff of a boot, however.

As far as I can tell she has a pretty normal width foot (street shoes - womens 7.5) with nothing especially significant beyond the bunion. (I don't see enough feet to really know how to classify hers).

Any guidance or suggestions? Thanks.
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Does she like skiing? Will she being skiing more frequently?

If the answers to these questions "yes" I would look at boots in the $300 - $500 price range. On a scale of 1 to 10, get her a 6 or 7 because a better boot will pay dividends early. Certainly work with a good boot fitter who will match her foot shape to an appropriate boot last and stretch the shell to get her comfy!

If she plans to be a casual skier just to appease you, I would spend less.

Remember this important point!!!
If her feet are happy you will have a much more enjoyable ski trip!
invest wisely.
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Thanks Bud for the sage advice. I certainly hope she'll be skiing more frequently as we are planning on moving to ski country in 3 years or so. ::
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Agreed. Specifically remember that more expensive boot is more anatomic. Best fit for bunion foot is narrower boot if possible with punch for bunion. Don't be misled by the initial comfort on the bunion of a wide boot in the store.

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Thanks Lou, point well taken. On our first trip we fit her too loose for the first day and had to go back in to size down. Unfortunately the bunion really got inflamed on the second day so on the third we had to size up again. However, the difference in performance was noticeable and I will push for the tightest fit she can accept. I've only got one guy in the S.E. Michigan area that I trust and so we will drive 75 minutes or so to Rochester for someone who is capable of guiding us to a boot last to fit her feet and doing an adequate punch for the bunion.

While I know how tight a boot needs to be initially to really fit well after some break in, my girlfriend doesn't have that experience. Also, I expect that it will take her a lot longer to even moderately pack her liner out.
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