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Books like this one

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I just read 'Right on the edge of crazy' by Mike Wilson, about the US ski racing team. Not the best book I've read and slow in spots, but I still finished it in a day.

What are some similar books. I love reading about adventure racing, mountain climbing, extreme sports, the triumph of the human spirit yadda yadda, and am looking for books with hair raising ski stories (not just ski touring), accounts of world cup races etc. Searching my local library didn't turn up much.
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Defcon: that was a good book wasn' it! yes, i liked it a lot, i read it about 3-4 years ago. i really enjoyed it cause skiing is a sport you really don't hear anything about. you're likely to get results on sportscenter, never mind behind the scenes stuff. it really brought everything to life, especially the never ending obstacles that made even slight victories seem like winning a gold medal.

while not completely ski related, if you like accounts of adventure, you might want to take a look into "Not Without Peril" by Howe. it's about misadventure and tragedies on Mount Washington. a quick and exciting read, really great stories and very well written.
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"Touching The Void" is one of the most gripping and moving mountaineering books ever.
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I love that book, "Right on the Edge of Crazy".  I think I've read it at least 5 times in the year or so that I've had it.  (Maybe that makes me crazy, you decide :-)  I wish I knew of more books like that about skiers (especially racers) so I could live vicariously through their experiences.  If anyone has any recommendations, do tell!

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go fast, be good, have fun


by Bode Miller


refreshingly honest, I thought

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The edge of never, by bill keurig. Even my wife, a non skier, could not put it down.
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"Into Thin Air" is Jon Krakauer's personal account on Mt. Everest 1996 disaster. I liked it a lot.

"The Climb" is Anatoli Boukreev's version about the same tragedy (he was a guide in that expedition)


"Of Men and Mountains" is also a very good book, from Willian O. Douglas.


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The book by Hermann Maier on his rehab after his accident was a pretty good read.


Some of those evil demons who took young Bode in are very nice people, don't believe everything you read.  I fully respect Bode as an individual and racer but in many, many ways he has done more harm than good.  He has issues and demons.  I hope he can slay them.

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I found another book that looks like it should be pretty good:  White Circus, by Ken Read / Matthew Fisher.


Another member of the Canadian DH team at the time, Steve Podborski, went to my high school and lived a couple of houses down the street from me, and I didn't even know it because I was a science geek and wasn't interested in sports back then!  My loss :-)

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How about "A Wall of White" by Jennifer Woodlief?

"The true story of of heroism and survival in the face of a deadly avalanche" is the sub-title.

It was a riveting read for me, as it happened at Alpine Meadows (one of our favorite resorts).

One of those books that makes you pause and think a bit.

So good that I need to read it again.


Enjoy,     rickp

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Originally Posted by habacomike View Post

The edge of never, by bill keurig. Even my wife, a non skier, could not put it down.

+1, a good read


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I recently came across "The 30,000-Mile Ski Race", by Peter Miller (subtitled, "Competing for the 1970-71 World Cup.  A vivid, intimate portrayal of international championship ski racing.") and am almost finished reading it.  It's similar to "Right on the Edge of Crazy" by Mike Wilson, in the sense that, in both, the author travels with the U.S. ski team.  Although I like Wilson's writing style better (it seems a bit more exciting and dramatized), I'm really enjoying Miller's book a lot too.

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