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Soloman Devine 10

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I have wide feet and a full ankle and a text book q-angle. I hated my soloman waves and swore I would never go there again,.....however today I tried technica achiva, Nodica olmpic beast and the soloman devine 10. The soloman devine seems to be the boot for me. I also went down a size.

I am a full time instructor going for level II this year. Not real agressive but working on it. What can you tell me about this soloman boot? Please.
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Originally Posted by White_shine View Post
. The soloman devine seems to be the boot for me. I also went down a size.
I think you have the boot name wrong.

can you double check that and let us know
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You know there is a spelling test during level II?:

I would talk to Corty or Kevin or one of the othe boot fitters at Footloose! Why not take advantage of such a great resource in your hood?
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What Bud is gently saying is that it is Salomon. He is very sensitive as he used to work for said company.

I looked up the Divine on the website and see that it is listed as an all mountain boot. I don't sell Salomon and the website doesn't give any information on lasting.

Personally, as it appears you are taking a ski career seriously I would be cautious about typical women's boots from a performance standpoint (my bias here). At level 2 you will be expected to start showing some competencies on more difficult terrain and some good carving skills.

Understand that with wide foot some performance boots may feel tight, but remember purpose of good boot fitter is to match skier to performance level required, not just to start with the most comfortable boot off the shelf and then sell it.

And Bud is correct about your location. See Footloose they should be great help.

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