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How far do you drive to your home ski area? - Page 2

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Originally Posted by Atomicman View Post
1 hour 20 Minutes to Crystal Mountain (Home Mountain)

35 Minutes to Alpental at Snoqualmie Pass

1.5 hours to Stevens Pass

3 hours to Mission Ridge

4 Hours to Whistler or Mt. Hood

5.5 hours to Mt. Bachelor
^^^ Ahhh I remember those good old days!! When I was stationed at Ft. Lewis WA and within 6 hours of so many great ski areas!!!
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5 Miles =)
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1 hour 15 minutes to Keystone home to hill; 5 minutes condo to Keystone
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18 miles, 45 minutes if I take the bus, 20 if I drive (that's cause I have to slow down at speed trap town 9/10's of the way there.)
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About an hour and ten minutes...

...Eldora Mountain Resort...
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45 - 60 minutes to the hill; typically once or twice a week.
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To Mt. Baker, 60 miles, about 1 hour 15 min if traffic is moving OK and I'm not caught behind a ski school bus.

To Stevens Pass, 2.5 hours or so.

To Whistler, 3 hours.
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I have a vertical to drive ratio of (1200 vertical feet / 35 minutes) = 34.29

What is your vertical to drive ratio?
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600ft / 120+ min < 5
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1.5 to 3 hours depending on the resort.
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1.5 hours to 7 Springs, Laurel and Hidden Valley
2.5 hours to Blue Knob
3 hours to Timberline, WV
20 minutes to Boyce Park's towering 124 ft. vertical

I get out to the PA and WV areas at least a dozen or so days a year with a like amount of days out west and in Vermont. I used to ski a lot more before I grew up and became responsible for other people's lives. Now I have to pay for their skiing too.
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This poll is flawed because it's not a poll.
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I drive an hour and 10 minutes each way daily if the conditions (road) are good. It's taken me three hours to travel the ~60 miles of rural highways. In the "good old days" of my brash 30s and 40s, it was like 45 minutes
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1297 miles. In years past I'd drive out, ski for about 35 days and drive back. This year I may mix it up a bit.
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my resort is like 80 miles from my city , takes usually 1.5 hours , i go early in the morning 8:00 am , im there 9:30 getting ready for elevator which is on 10:00 am , and after 17:00 getting ready to drive home , damn i love it !
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32 miles-40-50 minutes depending on traffic for 1200 ft. Guess my ratio is just a little worse than Catskills'! During race season, 5 days/nights a week, otherwise 3-4.
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7 hours total from out the door through the flight to arrival in Summit County.

Driving it's 5.25 to Snowshoe WV, but we only ski there 1 or 2 times a season.
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40 minutes unless the weather is bad.

On weekends, if I leave the resort the resort at 3PM, it takes me 40 minutes to get home. If I wait until the last lift closes it can take two hours to get home. There is always some flatlander who drives 10MPH, because there is snow next to the road. :
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Distance Traveled

Home area Silver Mt., 50 min drive, usually on rd starting at 7AM, if Elk are in the area on Hwy 3 then lhr 10min. 50 miles and really heavy heavy traffic sometimes I pass 3-4 other cars, both directions.
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150 steps (but they are uphill).
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17 miles-25 minutes
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72 miles one way about 1hr 15/20 minutes for 1300 vert
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2-3/4 hours...1-1/2 hours...Two hills...Two directions...New England.

Last season I skied 50 days. That's lots of driving for hard, icy snow. It seems my van is my other home.
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I am 1 hour, 15 minutes from Sunshine-my home area this season.

Other day trips would be 1 hour 45 minutes to Lake Louise
2 hours 30 minutes to castle
2 hours 45 minutes to Kicking Horse
and about 3 hours to Fernie
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5 hours (300 miles) to Mammoth, and I do it almost every weekend from November to June.
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5 1/2 hours to Mammoth (I live 1/2 hour south of yogachik in the "south bay") unless the weather is nice then it's 1 1/2 hours because I have my pilot's license. At least every other weekend---both kids are on the ski team.
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Oct 25, 2007

600ft/60min = 10ft/min:.

Think snow,

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not long!
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One mile.
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Half an hour.
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