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How far do you drive to your home ski area?

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I'm curious to see how far everyone drives to their local ski area, and with what sort of frequency. Before I moved, I used to drive the better part of 3 hours for 700 feet of vert at Blue Mountain, ON. Now, i'll be driving 30 minutes for the same amount of vert at Edelweiss (night skiing during the week), and 3ish hours for 2100 feet of vert at Jay Peak. (weekends and the occasional weekday)

How about everyone else?
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Two hours from home to the hill. Five minutes from condo to lift. About 25 weekends a year.
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It's about 12 miles to the lifts from my apartment. I ski daily.
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21 miles, one stop sign (wish they'd take it out..)
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about 10 miles.
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4 miles
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40 minutes! Whooo hooo!
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12 miles to snowbird
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17 miles which takes 25 minutes most of time.
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My two main mountains: Hunter 3hrs and Killington 5.5hrs drive.

Closest mountain to me is just under 1hr, but its more like a bump than a mountain.
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3.89 Miles! I can see the lights from my house at night! .
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15 min of Interstate and then it's gondola time. Another 20 minutes to another ski area and the 3 other ski areas two hours or less away.
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Hour and a half to the one I hit the most frequently on weeknights, etc.
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8 minutes to Keystone (~4 miles)
15 minutes to A-Basin (~9 miles)
15 minutes to Copper
20 minutes to the Breck gondola
25 minutes to Loveland
35 minutes to Vail
45 minutes to Beaver Creek
1.5 hours to Steamboat

Yesterday I was at the top of Exhibition chair at the Basin at 3:00 and by 3:30 I was home, sitting at my desk and back to work. Gotta love Summit County . I ski almost every day.

Before this year, I lived about 35 minutes (25 miles) from the Alpental/Snoqualmie Summit Ski Areas and skied every weekend with an occassional mid-week night ski thrown in. This is much better!
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the drive to Bogus Basin is 17 miles but it takes about 40 minutes.
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The drive to Bogus Basin is 17 miles but it takes about 40 minutes.
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2-3 miles.

Of course that does me no good with a busted knee.
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20 minutes door to door OR just stop in on the way home from work.
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About 3 1/2 hours from my main home to the ski area,IF, the traffic is light. 4-6hrs if it ain't. 45min -1 1/2 hrs from the mountain mobile depending again on traffic, snow, road closures etc. We make the trip 20-30 x a season.
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180 miles, sometimes it takes 2 1/2 hours often 3 1/2 and rarely 5 or 6 hours... 10 to 15 roundtrips per season.

But ski in/ ski out once we're there!
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I used to drive about 1 mile for every 10' of vertical at my previous home resort (45 miles for 450' total vertical). However, this year we moved and now I drive about 1 mile for every 200' of vertical at my new home resort (15 miles for 3000' total vertical).
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I mostly catch the city bus. If I time it right, it takes about three minutes to walk to the bus stop, if the bus is on time I may wait for a couple of minutes, ten minutes later I am at the base of the lift. sometimes it can take longer if there is traffic or a lot of people getting on and off the bus.

Driving takes me about 2-3 minutes to get to the base.

Oh yea, my wife is also smoking hot.
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Local hill (Beaver Mtn) is about 30 min away. Salt Lake Resorts are about 1 1/2 hours. We get to the local hill every weekend and usually a couple times during the week. Salt Lake resorts- 4-5 times per year
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1 hour 20 Minutes to Crystal Mountain (Home Mountain)

35 Minutes to Alpental at Snoqualmie Pass

1.5 hours to Stevens Pass

3 hours to Mission Ridge

4 Hours to Whistler or Mt. Hood

5.5 hours to Mt. Bachelor
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222 miles from home to Alpine. But only a couple of feet from the ski lease.
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A couple of blocks, because I am too lazy to walk, maybe 4 or 5 times/week.
Still remember Indy GS saying he drove hours to get a couple hundred verts 5 days/week. That is dedication.
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It's 9 miles to snowbird.
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275 miles each way. Every weekend.

Merrick LI -> Killington
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1:15 hr, 65 miles each way ,5 to 7 days a week.Up hill both ways
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1152 miles. I usually fly.
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