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Sawks ONE

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Rockies gettin the cob webs out
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Well, just about everybody gets mugged in Boston at some point...
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mountain mayun.....

At least Colorado has good snow, but then again, that is a function of altitude....
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I'm a NL fan but I'm afraid the layoff will hurt the Rockies more than help them. They were red hot and now they were off a long time. If they went right into the WS I would have expected a competitive series. Now I'm hoping they can win a couple.
There is hope as the balance of the Sox rotation is not that great after Beckett. Schilling has looked less than spectacular and is not near the pitcher of a few years ago. He does know how to win though even though he's throwing junk now.
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Does the blowout mean the Rockies are overmatched, or is it just one game? I still hope it turns out to be a competitive, entertaining series.

FWIW, do any Boston fans recall when the Celtics creamed the Lakers in Game 1 of the NBA finals one year, but the Lakers won the series? Not saying the same fate will befall the Red Sox, who clearly have the most talented lineup this year, but so far only one game has been played.

If you're interested, here's the Wiki entry on the Celtics/Lakers:

1984-85 NBA finals recap

The Celtics, looking to repeat as NBA Champions, had homecourt advantage for the second year in a row as they finished the regular season with a 63-19 record while the Lakers compiled a 62-20 record. For the first time, the Finals went to a 2-3-2 format with games one and two in Boston while the next three games were in Los Angeles. The final two games of the series would be played in Boston.

The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Celtics four games to two. Game 1 became known as "The Memorial Day Massacre" as the Celtics soundly beat the Lakers 148-114. The Lakers responded in Game 2 with a 109-102 victory as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar had 30 points, 17 rebounds and eight assists. In Game 3, the Celtics had a 48-38 lead in the second quarter before the Lakers lead by James Worthy took a 65-59 lead at halftime and then pulled away in the second half to come away with a 136-111 victory. The Celtics tied the series in Game 4, 107-105 as Dennis Johnson hit a jumper at the buzzer. In Game 5, the Lakers raced out to a 64-51 lead and stretched it to 89-72 before the Celtics cut the deficit to 101-97 with six minutes remaining. However Magic Johnson made three shots while Kareem added four more shots and the Lakers came away with a 120-111 victory to take a 3-2 series lead. In Game 6, the Lakers were led by Abdul-Jabbar who scored 29 points as the Lakers defeated the Celtics 111-100. It was the first and only time a visiting team had claimed an NBA championship in Boston Garden. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was named MVP of the series.
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It's only one game: ROCKIES....ROCKIES...ROCKIES....ROCKIES....
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wah wah wah - "8 day layoff", "green monster", wah wah.

I was driving up the mountain from Denver airport last night during the game. Was switching the XM between the Boston (WEEI) home coverage, the Colorado (KOA) home coverage, and the ESPN national coverage. During one of the blowout innings (RBI doubles after RBI doubles), the Rockies announcer was practically crying about how unfair it was that there was some kind of divot or dip in left field and that's why the ball took a bad hop and the outfielder couldn't get get it in time to stop another run scoring.

Welcome to the Big Leagues, boys. Real men don't blame the ballpark.

Given the NL rules home-field advantage for the 3 games in Denver, maybe the Rockies will manage to win one of the first two, to avoid a total sweep.

Edit: Check out this pathetic attack on Fenway by Rocky Mountain News columnist Bernie Lincicome.
Coloradans may not be able to appreciate the local fascination for this analog woodpile, having a much more digital Fenway of their own named after a beer but with more comfortable seats and better food, if no more convenient or cheaper parking.
Yeah, brag about the much more "digital" of Coors Field. Rockies can't even manage to sell tickets, yeah that's digital. Denver now has a second IT meltdown for the ages to add to the business and computer science case studies of the DIA baggage software debacle. At least the Sox know how to sell tickets to the World Series. Oh yeah, they know how to play in one too.

Rockies blamed the ticket sales issue on a "malicious attack". I guess that's what they'll call last night's game too.

Oh yeah, and that same announcer last night, when it was "only" 6-1 with several innings left, was talking about "The Rockies will try to even it up tomorrow night" as if they had already lost. If their paid mouthpieces give up on them with almost half a game left and an attainable score to settle, what does that say about them?

Sock the Rox!
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the fact is:

the national league is weakass.

the rockies would have more than they could handle were they playing the indians, yankees, angels, tigers or probably two or three other AL teams.

welcome to real baseball.

and bernie lincicome just gave me new appreciation for - gag - murray chass.

did i really just say that?

no more excuses, please. just settle in for your beating.

thank you.

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I agree with the "NL is weak sauce" comments, but how do we explain last year's WS when the better team lost? Is it the "on any given Sunday" clause?

FWIW, the Rockies creamed the Yankees and Sox during their regular season series, so I'm still hoping that Colorado can regain its earlier form in Denver.
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just my humble opinion, of course, but...

the better team doesn't lose, not when you've got best-of-seven to separate the talk from the walk. nothing worse than saying "we were better" when you've lost. that's weak sauce. losing earns the losers the right to be quiet.

no rockies fans jumped on my bait? just trying to get a rise out of SOMEbody. jiminez was tough last night; reminded me of the indians' carmona. good thing schilling showed up.
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The series still has a chance to be interesting. We'll see how Manny does running around the vast expanses of Coors Field in the thin air, or if Ortiz can bend over for a grounder. Two gaping holes in the defense like that can make a difference in a close game.
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I never thought about Ortiz playing first base (is that the plan?). All I remember is our very short experiment with Sheffield at first. Giambi was better, but barely.

I find NL baseball less interesting for several reasons, but the no-DH rule does force the manager to do more than just put a starting team on the field.
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ortiz has obviously helped the sox from that "position," but, on principle, i am not a fan of the DH. if you pitch, you should hit, along with what j-luxe says about managers having more to manage.
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Don't forget to get your free crunchy taco at Taco Smell for Ellsbury's steal of second.
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that's just wrong.
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