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So-Do you race; if so what type???
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Sucked me right in on this one.
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I feel cheated, I haven't raced in a while but don't think "racing is bad". My last race was NASTAR so I checked that but there needs to be a "no thanks, I'd rather just rip" choice.
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I race to the lifts on a powder day!
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You only polled(options) people with a serious racing bent. A few more options on the 'not very interested' side would have completely changed the results. :
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You also need categories for College racers, USSA racers, Masters racers, town leagues, etc, and allow more than one choice.
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I'd second that.
Wow we've got some Olympians on epic :
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And what if you race in a few different orgs? NASTAR,Race Club Team and Masters.
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I've raced ex-olympians.
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Wear the Fox Hat,

Curlers don't count...
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This one was a real downhill racer.

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I race my 2.0L Turbo GTI, ohh yah.
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