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West is still consistently better...
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Ask yourself, after a 10 hour flight from Rio to JFK, do you still feel like getting on yet another plane for 4-5 more hours...???

Most people don't have much personal experience of flying to places so far away. As a comparison, flight from JFK to Tokyo is "only" about 12 hours. Yes, Brazil is THAT far away!

That's not considering the extra expense of flying 3 people from the east coast to the Rockies.

(I'm not saying that's his reason for not considering going west. But it could very well be.)
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Good Idea!!

Originally Posted by matt7180 View Post

Come to Colorado. You can stay at my house! I will, however, expect a place to stay in Rio... do you live on the beach?
Hey Matt,

Yes we live at few 10 miles from the beaches. I don't think you know, but, in opposite of US we mainly live at small apartments not houses.

So, if we go to Colorado, you can helps us on find good and cheap hotels. We definitely will do the same when you come Rio and also will be a pleasure show the city to you!!!

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Hello James_j, at_nyc and all gang!!

First of all James are absolutely right: we don't know exactly what we want to do, where we want to go. Maine, is out of question, at least this Winter.

And, At_nyc: Yes, fly from Brasil, and change the plane to another 4 to 5 hours is boring, we should remember that most flies have long delays and it can easily to 20 hours experience. I remember when I was traveled to Denver with a stop on Miami... 4 hours waiting and a total hose-to -hotel at Denver about 22 hours.

This is why we consider the drive option as a good one. Of course for not so far places as Denver. We can stay at NY few days and take the road, look around discover so many interesting small cities, stop to eat at the Cracker Barrel (The best American Hamburger in my point of view). Hey foreign what you know about hamburgers???? Ok, ok not so much !!! But they are great! And you can buy some old fashion stuff too

So, resorts VT (Stowe, Stratton, Okemo) are looking as the better choice on East.

But as I said, so much things to pay attention...

Thanks you all and cheers ~

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